Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Galaxy S5 doesn't seem very impressive

Samsung has now unveiled the Galaxy S5 and I have to say I am not impressed at all.  Inside, the phone is nothing out of this world, same Snapdragon 800 processor a lot of other phones are already using.  Which is not a bad thing, that's really more power than we need already.  On the outside however the thing just looks horrible, in my opinion anyway.  You would think that if Samsung wasn't going to focus too much on new amazing features they would at least focus on making the phone look nice.  The stitched back of the Note 3 would have been much nicer.  It's like they took a huge step backwards from there.

As if just plain looking horrible wasn't bad enough they added a bigger camera, I think it must also be physically bigger because it comes out on the back.  I absolutely  hate it when you have a nice looking phone and then that camera just sticks out, although I guess since I hate the way the phone looks, this isn't exactly an issue.  They've also added a heart rate monitor to the back of the phone where you put your finger on it and it'll eventually, if you are lucky, read the correct heart rate.  Of course they've also put a fingerprint scanner on it, because you know, I guess that's the cool thing kids do now.  Unlike the Apple one, this fingerprint scanner needs to have you swipe your finger, hopefully they make better use of it, as in letting me use it to log into apps.

Here is a video from Erica the Technology Nerd who likes to film stuff (yup that's the full name), she doesn't seem very impressed with it either.

Obviously I can't really talk about it much until I try one, but so far I can say that I'm not impressed.

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