Sunday, January 5, 2014

Anarchy Live Changes

As many of you know I use this Anarchy Live name as a way to reach out to people and talk about the things that interest me or bother me.  Every  now and then I get some help from a friend with something but for the most part Anarchy Live is a 1 man operation.  This means that changes tend to happen because eventually I learn how to do certain things better or I learn not to do other things.

Today I wanted to let you all know about some of the changes that you can expect from Anarchy Live in 2014.


I'll start with the Blog, because this has always been my favorite way of getting in touch with people.  Even though it's my favorite, I tend to ignore the Blog quite a bit sometimes.  I'm going to be trying to pay more attention to the blog to let you all know what is going on and share more of the things I like with you all.  This year I may also end up moving it to a different service, not sure.  For sure I have gone ahead and removed the ads from the side because I was seeing some of those "Singles" ads and I just didn't like them.


I don't tend to advertise it much but I do have a Google+ community going for Anarchy Live, you can find that over at

I'll try to focus more this year on adding more content to the community with things I enjoy so that it is a more enjoyable place.  Obviously it would be extremely helpful if the members would also start posting things they find interesting, preferably related to things like Technology, Video Games or normal geek culture stuff.


The Podcast has to be the part of Anarchy Live that's been getting the most attention lately, I enjoy doing it with my friends from Game X Presents quite a bit.  The main change with the Podcast is that too many times we try to force the podcast to be a 1 hour thing even if we don't really have much to talk about.  So we are going to be changing that to a 30 minute minimum.  We are also going to be trying to make the whole thing more laid back so that it's more fun for us and hopefully the listener.

You Tube Channel:

Last year I had decided I wanted to start making Anarchy Live videos, which I did, however after moving I just stopped and getting back into it has been extremely difficult because I was trying to make more complex videos.  I decided that this year I'd start making more videos but also make them a lot more laid back, I'm also hoping to keep them at around 3 minutes in length.

The biggest change with the channel is that it has changed.  You used to be able to get to the Anarchy Live channel by going to

The new channel can be found at:

Basically I decided to separate my personal YouTube from the Anarchy Live one.  So if you enjoyed my videos in the past please go on over to the new channel and subscribe.


Not much to say here, I've been getting bored of the current logo, so I'm going to be working on creating a new one.  Not sure when it'll be ready but I'm certainly taking opinions!

Social Networks: 

The best way to get in touch with me is still going to be Twitter @tsnstuff
You can also find me on Google+ +Javier Torres

As you can see there is a lot of ways to get in touch with me on Anarchy Live, I truly appreciate it whenever I hear from any of you on any way.  Like I said the main reason I do this is to share my interests and opinions and it's just awesome whenever I hear back from any of you letting me know if something I made helped you or even if you disagree.

Thank You all for the support you've always given me and lets hope for a much better 2014!

Javier "STUFF" Torres

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