Sunday, November 3, 2013

Googles New Awesome Movies Feature

A lot of times we get so focused on certain aspects of a company that we completely tend to ignore other aspects of it.  In the case of Google we tend to care about only a few things like Android or what kind of crazy new project they have going on but we forget about some of the smaller announcements.

Just recently Google updated their Google + app to include a new Google Photos app.  This app is supposed to help you make your pictures and videos awesome.  Google has already been making a lot of pictures awesome for a while, so many times I've gone into my Google + just to find out that certain pictures have been automatically enhanced or if they were very similar pictures I'll find that Google has created an Animated Gif with the pictures which is always fun to see.  Everything they do with pictures is pretty fun but today I want to talk about what they can do with video now.

Basically when you go to this Google Photos application you can select a bunch of pictures and video files to make "Awesome".  What the program does next is it creates a video file that includes all those files you asked for.  It automatically decides how long each clip should be played for.  It also adds music to your creation.

November 4 wold have been my mothers 65th Birthday, however back 2011 she had an accident that took her life.  My family still likes to try and celebrate her birthday by bringing her flowers, singing Happy Birthday and having some cake.  Since the 4th is on a Monday we decided to celebrate on Saturday.  I took my phone and recorded some videos.  At the end of the day I decided to select all those videos and test out this Awesome Video thing.  Here is the final product:

The actual program does let you edit the video a little bit and it is very intuitive.  If there is a clip you didn't like, you can easily take it out or make the clip shorter or longer.  You can also chose from a descent selection of music if you don't like the one Google picked for you.  

I love the idea of this program because so many times we go out to special events and we take pictures and videos with our phones thinking "Oh this is great!" but then those videos never make it out of our phones.  We basically let them go to waste because we don't do anything with them.  With a program like this you don't need to know anything about video editing to use it, so I could certainly see it being more useful to more people. 

I'm also hoping that by thinking bout the results they want from the app, people will start making smaller videos and not expect me to sit through their 1 hour long family reunion video :(  

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