Thursday, October 10, 2013

T-Mobile now covering the World!

Yesterday T-Mobile took the stage to announce yet another step for their uncarrier idea.   This time they are looking forward to helping out those of us who enjoy traveling outside of the country.

One of the biggest fears people tend to have when going outside of the country is their cellphone.  They know it's not going to work in another country and even if it does they will have to pay a lot to use it to make a phone call or send a text.  You can't even THINK of using the data features since when roaming companies tend to charge you $25 per megabyte!  Roaming charges are just ridiculous, and this is exactly what T-Mobile is trying to get rid of.

So here is their new plan, there are 100 countries where Simple Choice T-Mobile customers are going to be able to go to and use their phone to make phone calls for 20 Cents per minute.  Not only that but you'll get Unlimited Texting at no additional charge and you'll also get Unlimited Data at no additional charge.

Now, don't get too excited about the data part, it's going to be slow data, but should still be fine for getting emails and some status updates done.  If you want the best data speeds possible you'll have to get a local line working on your phone.  T-Mobile will be offering an extra service where you can pay for a certain amount of Megabytes to use at faster speeds, but they are very clear when they say this would be at the fastest speed they can deliver, so, in some countries the really slow speed may very well be the best they can deliver.

Simple Choice customers will not have to do anything to get into this Roaming free plan, they will simply be switched over on October 31st when the whole thing starts.  T-Mobile see's this as them now having a much larger coverage map than Verizon and AT&T put together since both of those will only cover you in the US.

Here is a list of the countries that participate in this plan:

T-Mobile has also been thinking about those of us who enjoy calling outside of the country, they unveiled their new Stateside International Talk & Text feature.  This plan basically lets you call the same 100 countries for at most 20 cents per minute.  Over 70 of those countries will never cost you anything more unless you are calling another mobile number, those will most probably always be 20 cents per minute.  Texting is unlimited.  This service will be available to most Simple Choice customers for an extra $10 a month.  What does MOST Simple Choice customers mean?  No clue yet.

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