Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Media Please stop the GTA 5 Violence BS!

Ok I'm going to basically rant a little bit here. . .

So today I'm checking the news as normal and I find this article from PC Magazine:

It states that 3 teens have been arrested for "Violent GTA 5 Robbery". However if you read the actual article you'll learn that it is 3 teens that attacked this one man and stole a watch, a mobile phone and a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5.

So why is it not for "Violent Mobile Phone Robbery" or "Violent watch Robbery"?

Every time a violent video game comes out we get this same Bull from the media.  The Video Game industry may not be huge but it's here and I can only hope that it continues to grow and providing more and more jobs.

Why is it that we can have a ton of action and horror movies and everything is ok but we need to treat video games so different?  Games HAVE a rating systems just like movies, if parents don't enforce them, that's their problem.  I would argue that the rating system in video games is even better than that of movies, on the back of every box you can see what the rating is and you can see why it got the rating it did.  Just takes a minute to look at, not even.

But my issue right now is with the media, they are always trying to find a way to make something sound more important than what it really is so that they can get more views and therefore more money.  Had this story been about the kids stabbing this man to steal a watch, a phone and some cash it would have never made it online, but wait, they also got GTA 5 out of it, oh, no, now it's worth something, now people will care!

I'm not even a fan of GTA games but I know that MILLIONS of people play those games every year, if video games were really as bad as we try to make it sound, we'd have a lot more problems.

But no, "Man gets stabbed and Robbed by 3 teens" just doesn't get you the views that adding GTA 5 in the title will.

There were a lot of people getting this game this week, I would expect more cases of people that got robbed that happened to have their game with them.  I have it in my bag right now because I forgot to take it out at home, I guess if I get mugged today it'll be because of the game. . . .

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