Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nexus 4 is $200!

As many of you know, if you are looking for a great GSM phone, the Nexus 4 has always been a great deal.  While most top of the line phones tend to cost well over $600 without a contract, the Nexus 4 is a very good (close to top of the line) phone that costs $300 (for the 8GB version, the 16GB version is $350 which is still very good).

Well, now Google has gone ahead and made the Nexus 4 even Cheaper!  The 8GB version is now $200 and the 16GB version is now $250.

This of course means that the new Nexus phone is coming soon, not sure when but obviously Google wouldn't be trying to get rid of their inventory if that wasn't the case.  Should you wait for the new one to come out?  That's totally up to you, personally I think the current Nexus 4 is a great phone.

I really wish more people would understand what a great deal this is, basically you could get a 8GB Nexus 4 for the same price you'd get another phone on a 2 year contract without having to do a 2 year contract.

Sadly, the Nexus 4 is only a GSM phone, which means you are not going to be able to use this baby with services like Sprint or Verizon.  It will work fine with AT&T, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk and other GSM services.  It will NOT work with servies like Cricket, Boost or Virgin.

Anyway, feel free to head on over to The Play Store and check it out!

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