Sunday, April 7, 2013

OH AFRICA - Alisha Popat (feat. Peter Hollens, Zolani Mahola)

It is fairly simple to meet beautiful people out there.  There are tons.  It can also be pretty simple to meet talented people, if you go on YouTube there are so many out there.  It becomes harder sometimes to meet kind and loving people.    Meeting kind and talented people is something special.  When you meet a beautiful, kind and talented person, well that's just awesome.

In my opinion this is what Kenya's Alisha Popat is.  Not only is she Beautiful, Talented and Kind, she's also so Passionate and full of life that just a few words from her make your day better.  Hearing her talk about her love for Africa makes you wish  you were there and certainly makes going there a goal in your life.  

I've posted some of her videos in the past and today I have a new one that I'd like to share. 

This time she teamed up with the very talented Peter Hollens and Zolani Mahola.  I must admit I don't really know Zolani but I'm looking forward to seeing more from her. 

The name of this new video is: Oh Africa

They basically took the song Hallelujah and changed it so that it would be a song about Africa.  

Peter Hollens and Alisha also went on to record the actual Hallelujah song!

Please feel free to follow Alisha on Twitter @alishapopat

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

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