Sunday, April 7, 2013

Anarchy Live You Tube Channel

So a few months I started a new YouTube Channel with the idea that I'd make videos instead of blog post since so much of what I want to express can much more easily be done via video.

I have not paid any attention to the Blog part since I started doing that but the idea is to have them both work together.  So I will be posting some of my older videos here and in the future whenever I make a YouTube video I'll be posting it here as well.

The idea is to have the YouTube video but also the post with any additional information I may want to add in there.  There will also be times when I just want to share something only in the blog, just like sometimes there will be videos that I will not feel deserve to be in the blog.

So, here is basically how it will all be working together:

Anarchy Live Blog: This site, it will contain my videos that I feel are helpful to others as well as other videos that I may feel people would enjoy.

Anarchy Live Channel:  YouTube videos that I create that I may feel would be helpful to others.  These are in my YouTube channel under the name "tsnstuff".  These will most probably always end up in the blog.

Anarchy Live Vlog: This would also be in my Anarchy Live Channel but these would be quick updates about random stuff.  Could be a rant about something I dislike, or it could be an update about a video I plan on making.  Could be anything really. Not many of these will end up in the Blog.

You can find the Anarchy Live Channel/Vlog here:

Here is the original video I created.

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