Sunday, April 7, 2013

OH AFRICA - Alisha Popat (feat. Peter Hollens, Zolani Mahola)

It is fairly simple to meet beautiful people out there.  There are tons.  It can also be pretty simple to meet talented people, if you go on YouTube there are so many out there.  It becomes harder sometimes to meet kind and loving people.    Meeting kind and talented people is something special.  When you meet a beautiful, kind and talented person, well that's just awesome.

In my opinion this is what Kenya's Alisha Popat is.  Not only is she Beautiful, Talented and Kind, she's also so Passionate and full of life that just a few words from her make your day better.  Hearing her talk about her love for Africa makes you wish  you were there and certainly makes going there a goal in your life.  

I've posted some of her videos in the past and today I have a new one that I'd like to share. 

This time she teamed up with the very talented Peter Hollens and Zolani Mahola.  I must admit I don't really know Zolani but I'm looking forward to seeing more from her. 

The name of this new video is: Oh Africa

They basically took the song Hallelujah and changed it so that it would be a song about Africa.  

Peter Hollens and Alisha also went on to record the actual Hallelujah song!

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Hope you enjoyed the videos!

New T-Mobile Plans Explained

So, T-Mobile has changed the way they do business.  They are trying to eliminate the traditional 2 year contract.  In this video I try to explain how the new plans work!

Basically the new plan is the following:

$50 for Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 500MB of data that you can share.

If you care about Sharing your data you can add 2GB of data for $10

You can add that up to 6 times for a total of 12GB that you can share.

If you don't care about sharing your data you can get the Truly Unlimited Data Plan for $20

You are still paying for 500MB that you can share with the original plan, so even with Unlimited Data you'll be able to share those 500MB.

If you want to add more lines for a family, you can have up to 5 lines.

The second line would cost you $30 for the same $50 basic plan.  A third, fourth and fifth line would each cost you $10.

Data plans are NOT shared, so you do have to add them individually if you wish.  So if you want all 5 lines to have Truly Unlimited Data that would be a total of $20 X 5 = $100 for all the data plans.

If  you are a single user who just wants a cell phone with about 2Gigs of data, on Verizon this would cost you $40 for a Smartphone service and $60 for 2Gigs of data.  It would be a total of $100.

With T-Mobile it would be $50 for a Basic line and another $10 for 2 extra gigs, giving you a total of $60.

That's a Savings of $40 per month.

This is what both of those services would cost if you already had a phone you could use.  But what if you don't?

If you need a phone, the Verizon line would not cost you extra.  You Pay around $200 for the phone that you want and sign a 2 year contract.

The T-Mobile plan would require you to put around $100 down and then you could sign a 2 year contract where you pay an extra $20 a month for the phone.  So instead of $60, it would now be $80.  You are still saving $20 a month.

That's $240 a year, or $480 in the 2 year period, that's basically another phone.  If you take into consideration that you had to pay about $100 less down, it IS another phone.

At the end of the 2  years T-Mobile stops charging you the extra $20 for the phone.  Verizon does not.

So if you are happy with your phone and service and you decide to keep using the same phone for another year, with Verizon you would end up paying $480 more.

Obviously there are more things to take into consideration when looking for a cell phone provider. But when looking at just the numbers of what it would cost to have the phone, T-Mobile looks like a far superior option.

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Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet With BLOOPERS!

On this video I express what I like the most about the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet!

I made this video a bit about but I'm still loving this tablet.  I was able to make a lot of the graphics of my last video with this device (T-Mobile video) using photoshop touch.  I'm also already thinking of ways that I can use it for other devices.

Would I like a nicer screen?  yes, yes I would, but not if I have to give up the functionality of the S-Pen!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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Anarchy Live You Tube Channel

So a few months I started a new YouTube Channel with the idea that I'd make videos instead of blog post since so much of what I want to express can much more easily be done via video.

I have not paid any attention to the Blog part since I started doing that but the idea is to have them both work together.  So I will be posting some of my older videos here and in the future whenever I make a YouTube video I'll be posting it here as well.

The idea is to have the YouTube video but also the post with any additional information I may want to add in there.  There will also be times when I just want to share something only in the blog, just like sometimes there will be videos that I will not feel deserve to be in the blog.

So, here is basically how it will all be working together:

Anarchy Live Blog: This site, it will contain my videos that I feel are helpful to others as well as other videos that I may feel people would enjoy.

Anarchy Live Channel:  YouTube videos that I create that I may feel would be helpful to others.  These are in my YouTube channel under the name "tsnstuff".  These will most probably always end up in the blog.

Anarchy Live Vlog: This would also be in my Anarchy Live Channel but these would be quick updates about random stuff.  Could be a rant about something I dislike, or it could be an update about a video I plan on making.  Could be anything really. Not many of these will end up in the Blog.

You can find the Anarchy Live Channel/Vlog here:

Here is the original video I created.