Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 12

Just wanted to let you all know that The Anarchy Live Podcast Episode 12 is now up!   So please feel free to check it out!

You can listen to the podcast by looking for it on iTunes, just search for "Anarchy Live".

You can also copy the RSS feed to your favorite podcast player.

You can also check out the actual Podcast page.

Or simply listen to it here!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Prayer - African cover by Alisha Popat and Diego Ghinati

You guys know I absolutely love my buddy Alisha, she has a beautiful voice and her personality is even more amazing.

Here is her newest cover, "The Prayer".  This is a cover of a Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.  It is done with an also very talented Diego Ghinati.  Alisha usually sings about the beauty of Kenya and the love she has for the country, so this video was certainly inspired by Kenya.

I know Alisha was devastated when the Westgate terrorist attacks happened a few months ago, she lost a friend there and I can only imagine how she felt, trying so hard every day to let people see what a great place Kenya is only to have that happen.  I knew she wouldn't just give up though and obviously she hasn't.  I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I have.

Thank You Alisha

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 11

Hello Everyone!
Please Join us as we discuss the following topics!
  • Javier got an iPad Air
  • 12 inch iPad Pro?
  • Amazon Prime Air
  • AT&T lowering prices for month to month customers
  • Court in France has ordered Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to block 16 video-streaming sites from their search results
  • Courts shouldn't be telling search engines what to show and what not to show! 
  • Google Planning a  YouTube subscription service? 

Thank you!
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

AT&T Lowering price month to month customers

Apparently AT&T is changing their plans so that you no longer have to pay the subsidy on a phone if you buy your phone full price, use their NEXT option or if you bring your own phone.

Before if you wanted a 2GB plan with a Smartphone it would cost you $50 for the Data and $45 for the phone, a total of $95.  With the  new plans it'll cost you $55 for the data and $25 for the Phone, a total of $80.  A savings of $15 which multiplied by the normal 2 year contract (24 months) you'd be saving the $360 that you normally pay for the subsidy.  

If you use a lot of Data and you have a subsidized phone, you should also be able to save some money.  Before if you wanted 100GB it would cost you $120 for the Data and $30 for the phone, a total of $150, now it would cost you $100 for the data and $40 for the phone so $140, $10 less, not much but if you multiply that by 24 months that's still $240

It's nice to see that other companies are looking at what T-Mobile is doing and changing their own plans.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 10

Hello Everyone!

Here is Anarchy Live Podcast Episode 10.  

On this Podcast we discuss our Thanks Giving holiday, we also talk about the Moto G, Screen Protectors, You Tube for the Wii U and more!
Thank you!

Javier Torres

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 9

Hello Everyone!  Here is Episode 9 of the Anarchy Live Podcast!  Hope you enjoy it!
On this episode we talk about:

  • AOL Shutting down Winamp
  • People still complaining about YouTube and Google + Merge
  • Google needs to protect Content Creators more
  • Google Wallet card is finally here!
  • COIN
  • Apple and Samsung still in court
  • Are Teens leaving Facebook? 
  • KitKat already being pushed out to some Moto X devices, Oddly enough Verizon was first
  • Things to look forward to this week: 
  • How to come up with a good Password:  

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 8

On this weeks Anarchy Live Podcast I'm on my own so I tried hard to make it a quick one but doing this on my own is weird! 
  • Facebook offered Snapchat 3 Billion dollars, Google 4 Billion
  •  YouTube people hate Google +
  •  ISIS Mobile wallet goes live nationwide
  •  KitKat is out for Nexus 7 2012 and 2013 edition and Nexus 10
  •  You can manually download the official Nexus 4 KitKat and side load it
  •  Is Google planning a Nexus 8? 
  •  Moto G is out 
  •  Is OFF Contract the new way to go? 
  •  Podcast App on iPod Touch 4th Gen
  •  Google Music now available for iOS
  •  Google Awesome Movies
  •  Ipad Mini with Retina display is out
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Apple lacking innovation? Blame Samsung!

According to Apple’s Phil Schiller Samsung’s alleged copying of his company products has damaged Apple’s reputation as innovators. Some of you may remember the big trial last year between Apple and Samsung where Apple actually won and Samsung had to pay 1 Billion dollars to Apple.  Well, they are actually still fighting that battle, Judge Lucy Koh ordered a retrial because she believes that the original Jury made some errors in their calculations. 

According to Schiller  "It's much harder to create demand and people question our innovation and design skills like people never used to,"

So apparently people are questioning Apples innovation because of the way Samsung copies them.  It apparently has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that iOS has looked almost identical since day 1, or the fact that whenever they release a new tablet all they really do is make it a bit faster, thinner and lighter, or the fact that they've kind of stuck to the few devices that worked for them in the past and have not really tried making anything new.  On the contrary, I think they've killed more products than created in the last few years.  It apparently has nothing to do with the fact that they seem to spend more time trying to sue people rather than figuring out new cool things. 

I’m not a big fan of Samsung, I do believe they are sneaky bastards, I also believe that soon they are going to get rid of Android and try to use their own OS and they certainly have the right to do that, but I will say this about Samsung, they are trying to come up with new ideas.  True, most of those ideas are horrible, but every once in a while they come up with something like the Galaxy Note series.  I don’t want to take anything away from Apples past innovations, they've certainly been great, but don’t keep making minor updates to your current products and expect me to continue thinking you guys are awesome. 

I mean, look at the iphone, we know that next year we can expect a new look, it’ll probably still look very similar to the iPhone 5s which in my opinion looks similar to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, but we also already know that in 2015 we are just going to get the exact same phone as in 2014 with some improved specs.  Come on Apple, you want me to continue considering you innovative?  Then go take some risks!  Lord knows you can afford them!.

Javier "STUFF" Torres

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is Apple killing your old Apple Products?

On the Mac side of the Apple world things aren't so bad, we just got a rather nice OS update that works fairly well on older equipment, as far as I know anyway, I just have 1 Mac and it's a 2010 Mac Mini I use as a Media center.  The fact that they made an OS that would work with any mac 2007 and higher is however impressive to me.

On the iOS side of things however I feel like Apple is trying to just down right make products useless.  Let me try and explain why I say this.  I have an iPod Touch 4th Generation, I bought it as soon as it came out in 2010, so it's 3 years old but when I look at it, it still has a very nice screen and I keep thinking that I should still be able to do quite a bit with this.  The problem however starts with the fact that I got the iOS 6 update.

Ever since my iPod Touch got the iOS 6 update it is practically useless for anything other than music.  Which you'd think is good because that's what you buy an iPod Touch for right?  Well not exactly, I bought it because I'm an Android guy but every now and then there is an iOS app I like so the iPod Touch was a great alternative to an iPhone.  When iOS 7 was announced for some reason I thought it would make my iPod faster, but they didn't even make it available to the 3 year old device.

I understood why my 3 year old device wasn't getting an update, 3 years is a long time in the tech world I guess.  The iPod Touch is still a very nice device though, if I could downgrade it to iOS 5 it would run faster again and I'd be able to use non iOS 7 apps.  So I go and I try to figure out how to downgrade to iOS 5 but apparently I can't.  Ok so I can't really use my iPod Touch for apps much, I can use it to check facebook and a few other apps but everything is so slow that I would rather not really do that.  I would use it for music but I use Google Music and apparently there is no iOS version yet.  So what could I possibly use this little device for?

Since I started making my Podcast I have also been listening to a lot of podcasts.  I have a 1 hour commute so it's been great.  Subscribing to podcasts on iTunes seems nice and easy, even adding my own podcast to iTunes was painless, so I figured, most of the podcasts I listen to are weekly podcasts, I could load the little guy up on Monday mornings and keep it in the car all week!  Perfect!

I go to the iTunes app and find my podcast and try to subscribe.  I'm told I need the podcast app.  Ok fine, I'll download the podcast App.  Oh wait, I can't download the podcast app because it requires iOS 7. What about the older version of the program?  Nope, I am not given the option to download an older version of the Podcast app.  So I can't even do that with the iPod Touch.

I don't want to have to buy a new iPod, the screen on the one I have is great, the battery still lasts a good amount of time, there is still so much I could do with it if it wasn't running so slow, so come on Apple! Just let me downgrade my devices!

UPDATE Nov 15th 2013: So 1 day after I write this post stating there is no Google Music app for iOS, today Google Released an iOS version of Google Music All Access.  I have not been able to test it with my iPod Touch yet, hopefully it doesn't require iOS7.  That'd be funny, if Google kept my iOS device alive. Will update more later.

Javier "STUFF" Torres

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 7

Hello Everyone!  Please Join me for yet another episode of The Anarchy Live Podcast!
On this episode we try to talk about the following topics:
  • Sprint trying to not activate Nexus 5? 
  • iPad Air costs $274 - $361 to make
  • Verizon Ellipsis 7
  • Ironi Aizawa
  • Google Ordered to block Max Mosley Orgy Photos
  • Google Helpouts
  • Google Voice can now do MMS on T-Mobile!
  • iFixit gives the Nexus 5 an 8 out of 10
  • Samsung 4k Displays on Phones???
  • Netflix Launches first UHD (4k) Videos
  • BlockBuster closing remaining 300 stores
Hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Googles New Awesome Movies Feature

A lot of times we get so focused on certain aspects of a company that we completely tend to ignore other aspects of it.  In the case of Google we tend to care about only a few things like Android or what kind of crazy new project they have going on but we forget about some of the smaller announcements.

Just recently Google updated their Google + app to include a new Google Photos app.  This app is supposed to help you make your pictures and videos awesome.  Google has already been making a lot of pictures awesome for a while, so many times I've gone into my Google + just to find out that certain pictures have been automatically enhanced or if they were very similar pictures I'll find that Google has created an Animated Gif with the pictures which is always fun to see.  Everything they do with pictures is pretty fun but today I want to talk about what they can do with video now.

Basically when you go to this Google Photos application you can select a bunch of pictures and video files to make "Awesome".  What the program does next is it creates a video file that includes all those files you asked for.  It automatically decides how long each clip should be played for.  It also adds music to your creation.

November 4 wold have been my mothers 65th Birthday, however back 2011 she had an accident that took her life.  My family still likes to try and celebrate her birthday by bringing her flowers, singing Happy Birthday and having some cake.  Since the 4th is on a Monday we decided to celebrate on Saturday.  I took my phone and recorded some videos.  At the end of the day I decided to select all those videos and test out this Awesome Video thing.  Here is the final product:

The actual program does let you edit the video a little bit and it is very intuitive.  If there is a clip you didn't like, you can easily take it out or make the clip shorter or longer.  You can also chose from a descent selection of music if you don't like the one Google picked for you.  

I love the idea of this program because so many times we go out to special events and we take pictures and videos with our phones thinking "Oh this is great!" but then those videos never make it out of our phones.  We basically let them go to waste because we don't do anything with them.  With a program like this you don't need to know anything about video editing to use it, so I could certainly see it being more useful to more people. 

I'm also hoping that by thinking bout the results they want from the app, people will start making smaller videos and not expect me to sit through their 1 hour long family reunion video :(  

Javier "STUFF" Torres

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Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 6

Hello Everyone!

The Anarchy Live Podcast Episode 6 is here!

On this episode we talk about keeping your information safe from Crypto Locker, Bad iPhone 5s, Ashton Kutcher, Apple’s need to overcharge, the Nexus 5 and more!

Hope you enjoy!

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Thank You!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 5

Hello Everyone!

The Anarchy Live Podcast Episode 5 is up!

On this episode we talk about the recent Apple event, we discuss the future of PCs and Laptops, we rant a bit about Myspace and we compare the iPad Air to the Galaxy Note 10.1

Hope you enjoy!

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Thank You!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apple Event Recap!

So today we had another Apple event so I figured I'd let you guys know some of the things that happened and also give some of my opinions.

I will tell you right away that the MacBook Pro has been updated and that now it starts at a little bit less but I'm never too interested in the MacBook lines so I couldn't tell you too much about those.  I do know that they now have the 4th Generation Intel Processors that will give you better performance and battery.

They also announced the Mac Pro, which hasn't been updated since about 2010, that's a great thing for a lot of professionals but the cheapest ones starts at $3,000 so I'm not even going to try to care about that one.

OS X Mavericks

Apple updated their OS X program which is now called Mavericks, first time OS X goes without a big cat name I believe.  This new OS has been designed to take better advantage of your hardware so it should run smoother than previous versions of the program.  It does have a bunch of new features but honestly nothing I'm super excited about.  Don't get me wrong though, it's a very good update.

What do I like the most about this update?  The fact that it's not just for the newer Macs.  You can actually install this on any Mac from 2007 and up.  This to me is very impressive and I respect this a lot.  I also respect the fact that they are giving it to us for free.  In the past Apple has charged for updates and people certainly pay for the updates but this time they decided to charge for it.

During the presentation they did try to bash Microsoft because Microsoft charges for Windows 8, but Technically Microsoft didn't charge to update Windows 8 to 8.1 so that's not totally fair.

I will say this, the install process was very well made,  you didn't have to be in OS X 10.8 to go to 10.9, you could have been in a older version like 10.7 and still update without having to install previous updates first.  The installation did take twice the amount of time it said on my Mac Mini from 2011 but it wasn't difficult.

Like I said the Update is free and you can download it now from the App Store.

iPad Air

So as expected Apple announced a new iPad, as expected it was upgraded to the new A7 CPU we find in the iPhone 5s, as expected it is thinner and lighter, it actually only weighs 1Lbs.  The bezel on the iPad has been decreased quite a bit and it looks kind of like a bigger iPad Mini.  As you can guess by the title of this segment, the new iPad is not known as the "New New iPad" or the "iPad 5" it is known as the "iPad Air".  Should be available in November.

As usual the price starts at $500 for the 16GB one.

iPad Mini with Retina Display

No this is not me trying to specify that the new iPad Mini has a Retina Display, Apple really is calling this one "The iPad Mini with Retina Display".

As you can guess, the iPad mini now has the retina display people have been begging for.  But not only that, the iPad Mini is now truly an iPad Mini.  Why do I say this?  Because instead of being a cheaper version of the big iPad, it is now simply a smaller version, this iPad Mini contains the same A7 processor and basically the same everything as the iPad Air.

Honestly I think this iPad Mini is the biggest news Today because it is the largest update.  The older iPad Mini had the A5 processor, which is a few years old, it also didn't have a retina display, it was basically a smaller iPad 2, we've had 2 iPad since then and this update just plain skipped those two.

Only problem with this one is that instead of keeping it's $330 price tag, it went up to $400.  That's a $70 price jump!

Other iPads for Sale

Do you remember when the iPad 3 came out?  Apple decided they'd continue selling the iPad 2 for $400, so you could get the iPad 3 with Retina Display or for $100 less you could get an almost as good iPad without the retina display?

Do you remember how when the iPad 4 came out the iPad 3 did NOT replace the iPad 2 in that deal?  And we all thought "Well the iPad 3 and the iPad 4 are basically the same iPad, it makes sense" so we just let it slide?

Well now the iPad Air (iPad 5) is coming, it is a proper update from the 4, so you'd think the 4 or maybe even the 3 would replace that iPad 2 right?  WRONG!  Apple will continue selling the iPad 2 for $400.

The original iPad Mini will also continue being sold and this one actually had a price drop from $330 to $300.

So basically at the low end you have 2 iPad 2s (again the original Mini is basically a 2) and on the high end you have two iPad 5s.

You'd have to be stupid to buy an iPad 2 now....

Ok so if I have $300 to buy a tablet I can buy the old iPad Mini, that's not too bad of a deal, a Nexus 7 however is a much better tablet specs wise (Quad Core CPU and Retina like display) and it only costs $230, build quality is not as good though so if you want good build quality, enjoy the Apple ecosystem, don't care for a retina display and don't need too much computing power, then the iPad Mini would be a good buy.

Now if I have $400 to buy a  Tablet I can get the iPad 2 which has a rather old A5 processor and no retina display, OR for the exact same price I can get the new iPad Mini which is only a little bit smaller but has all the top of the line specs including the Retina Display!  I can't think of a reason why anyone would ever chose the iPad 2 here.

Final Thoughts: 

I'm more excited about the new iPad Mini with Retina Display than I am of the new iPad Air, not sure if that's good or not.  I'm not too crazy about the price but I guess with the specs it has I can understand.  I was also a bit disappointed to not see Touch ID on any of the new iPads, I thought the fingerprint option would have been good, specially if they ever started opening that to other devs to use on their apps, I don't like typing passwords.

Overall I'm going to say that in the $500 range, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is still my favorite tablet, for now, if we start seeing some special stuff being done on the iPad Air with the 64 bit processor I could change my mind, but right now I just feel the Galaxy Note 10.1 is more useful, for me anyway.  The new iPad Mini is certainly my favorite tablet in the $400 range.  I would give the $200 and $300 range to the Nexus 7 honestly I just think the A5 processor on the original iPad Mini is just too old.

Let me know what you think!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 4

Hello Everyone!

Join Luis, Victor and Myself as we talk about Windows 8.1, Social Media changes you should know about, hating Time Warner Cable and much more!

You can find the podcast @ http://podcast.anarchylive.com

The New episode is over @ http://podcast.anarchylive.com/2013/10/20/anarchy-live-podcast-episode-4/

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast Episode 3

Just uploaded Episode 3 of the Anarchy Live Podcast!

You can check it out at: http://podcast.anarchylive.com/2013/10/14/anarchy-live-podcast-episode-3-2/

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

T-Mobile now covering the World!

Yesterday T-Mobile took the stage to announce yet another step for their uncarrier idea.   This time they are looking forward to helping out those of us who enjoy traveling outside of the country.

One of the biggest fears people tend to have when going outside of the country is their cellphone.  They know it's not going to work in another country and even if it does they will have to pay a lot to use it to make a phone call or send a text.  You can't even THINK of using the data features since when roaming companies tend to charge you $25 per megabyte!  Roaming charges are just ridiculous, and this is exactly what T-Mobile is trying to get rid of.

So here is their new plan, there are 100 countries where Simple Choice T-Mobile customers are going to be able to go to and use their phone to make phone calls for 20 Cents per minute.  Not only that but you'll get Unlimited Texting at no additional charge and you'll also get Unlimited Data at no additional charge.

Now, don't get too excited about the data part, it's going to be slow data, but should still be fine for getting emails and some status updates done.  If you want the best data speeds possible you'll have to get a local line working on your phone.  T-Mobile will be offering an extra service where you can pay for a certain amount of Megabytes to use at faster speeds, but they are very clear when they say this would be at the fastest speed they can deliver, so, in some countries the really slow speed may very well be the best they can deliver.

Simple Choice customers will not have to do anything to get into this Roaming free plan, they will simply be switched over on October 31st when the whole thing starts.  T-Mobile see's this as them now having a much larger coverage map than Verizon and AT&T put together since both of those will only cover you in the US.

Here is a list of the countries that participate in this plan:

T-Mobile has also been thinking about those of us who enjoy calling outside of the country, they unveiled their new Stateside International Talk & Text feature.  This plan basically lets you call the same 100 countries for at most 20 cents per minute.  Over 70 of those countries will never cost you anything more unless you are calling another mobile number, those will most probably always be 20 cents per minute.  Texting is unlimited.  This service will be available to most Simple Choice customers for an extra $10 a month.  What does MOST Simple Choice customers mean?  No clue yet.

Javier "STUFF" Torres

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anarchy Live and Game X Presents Changes

Hello Everyone!

As some of you may already know, I help my friends Equis and Victorino with their podcast called Game X Presents.  I also have my own podcast that I do with them called Anarchy Live.  A few weeks ago I had no idea how to even start publishing my own podcast. For a while we were making a video out of the file and uploading it to YouTube.

So I've been working on what I feel is the best setup for our podcast.  The problem with this is that a lot of things can change while you figure it out.  With Game X Presents for Example I started using a service called libsyn to host the podcast.  It was working great but it's not free and can get expensive.  Anyway point is some things have changed and while I hate doing that, I think that now is the best time because lets face it, not that many people listening right now.

So here are the changes:

Anarchy Live

Instead of adding the Anarchy Live podcasts rigth here in the normal blog, I'll be adding hem to a different blog just for podcats.  This blog will be located at http://podcast.anarchylive.com

When trying to add the Anarchy Live Podcast to your podcast program (dog catcher, pocketcast...) just use this RSS feed:  http://feeds.thestuffnetworks.com/anarchylivepod

Game X Presents

Same story here, Podcasts blog will be at http://podcast.gamexpresents.com

RSS feed: http://feeds.thestuffnetworks.com/gamexpod

I do appreciate your patience with all this, I am hoping that this new setup is a lot more permanent.

If you are reading this and you've never had a chance to listen to our podcasts, please feel free to check them out, you may learn something or there may be something you can teach us!

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 2

Hello everyone!  Here is Anarchy Live Podcast Episode 2

Here is what we discuss on this Podcast!

Do you think cable providers will change or will online streaming take over?

Iphone 5s vs 5c


GTA V vs Media

Anarchy Live Tip: Remove Facebook App from phone for better battery

Thanks for listening

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Media Please stop the GTA 5 Violence BS!

Ok I'm going to basically rant a little bit here. . .

So today I'm checking the news as normal and I find this article from PC Magazine:

It states that 3 teens have been arrested for "Violent GTA 5 Robbery". However if you read the actual article you'll learn that it is 3 teens that attacked this one man and stole a watch, a mobile phone and a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5.

So why is it not for "Violent Mobile Phone Robbery" or "Violent watch Robbery"?

Every time a violent video game comes out we get this same Bull from the media.  The Video Game industry may not be huge but it's here and I can only hope that it continues to grow and providing more and more jobs.

Why is it that we can have a ton of action and horror movies and everything is ok but we need to treat video games so different?  Games HAVE a rating systems just like movies, if parents don't enforce them, that's their problem.  I would argue that the rating system in video games is even better than that of movies, on the back of every box you can see what the rating is and you can see why it got the rating it did.  Just takes a minute to look at, not even.

But my issue right now is with the media, they are always trying to find a way to make something sound more important than what it really is so that they can get more views and therefore more money.  Had this story been about the kids stabbing this man to steal a watch, a phone and some cash it would have never made it online, but wait, they also got GTA 5 out of it, oh, no, now it's worth something, now people will care!

I'm not even a fan of GTA games but I know that MILLIONS of people play those games every year, if video games were really as bad as we try to make it sound, we'd have a lot more problems.

But no, "Man gets stabbed and Robbed by 3 teens" just doesn't get you the views that adding GTA 5 in the title will.

There were a lot of people getting this game this week, I would expect more cases of people that got robbed that happened to have their game with them.  I have it in my bag right now because I forgot to take it out at home, I guess if I get mugged today it'll be because of the game. . . .

Javier Torres

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Steam working on Family Sharing

Today I learned that STEAM, the company that PC video gamers are always talking about, is planning on starting a new service soon called "Steam Family Sharing".  Currently it's still in development but it should be going into beta testing soon and hopefully sometimes next year the service will be fully working.

So what does this mean?

Basically it's a service that will allow you to share your steam games with other friends or family on steam.  So lets say I have the game Tomb Raider that I purchased but I'm already done playing it or just lost interest, I could just let you use it.

This is how I understand it to work, any of this could change though.  You add me as someone who can share games with you and I add you as well.  Now we can both see all the games that the other one has.  It doesn't look like there will be a way to filter only a few games that you'd like to share.  If you find a game in my library that you'd like to play, you can request to borrow it.  I then decide if I want to let you use it.

Only one person can play the game at the same time, so if I'm still playing the game I shouldn't let you use it because if you are playing and I decide to play the game, you will get kicked out of the game, you will however be given an option to buy the game.

Back when the XBox One was first announced they wanted to do some type of Family Sharing thing but never really explained their vision very well, they were also making this the only option of getting games, with PC games you can still just go buy a PC game and bypass steam completely.

Personally I think it's a great idea, I hope it becomes a normal service sooner than later because really once you've played a game it sucks that it's just there in your library without anyone using it.

Let me know what you think!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Anarchy Live Podcast: Episode 1 "Hello World"

This is the first ever Anarchy Live podcast, the setup is a bit different from our normal Game X Presents podcast so we were a bit lost, it'll get better :)


Thanks for listening

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New iPhones!

Ok so yesterday was new iPhones day and the fact that I said YESTERDAY and I'm writing this the next day should tell you just how excited I was about the whole thing,  but really, who gets excited about the S variant of an iPhone anyway?  We already know it's going to be basically identical to the previous one.  It's going to be faster with an upgraded CPU and it's probably going to have some new feature that the previous one doesn't have.  This is basically what we did get.

Lets start with the most expected, the iPhone 5s:

It no longer comes in black or white, now it's silver, space gray and golden.

As expected, it's twice as fast as the iPhone 5 with it's 64bit A7 CPU.  Just like the Galaxy S4 it has a chip inside to help keep track of how much you walk and other fitness stuff.

They are going the HTC way with the camera, they didn't mention how many pixels but it looks like it's probably a 8 Ultra Pixel camera, just like HTC they mentioned that instead of going with more Megapixels they decided to go with larger pixels, so, Ultrapixels.

The main difference here is the fingerprint scanner on the home button, you can now unlock the phone with your fingerprint.  Personally I don't really care about the feature for locking and unlocking the phone, however, if they make this available to developers so that we could use it as our password for other applications, that could certainly be cool.

The prices are the same as usual so I won't even cover that.

Next we have the iPhone 5c:

This is the rumored Plastic iPhone.  The back is made of plastic and it comes in several colors.  Supposedly the background in iOS7 will match whatever color phone you have but I really hope you can change that.

We used to think the C stood for Cheap, but it turns out, it's not as cheap as we thought it would be.  Basically the iPhone 5C is $100 cheaper than the iPhone 5s.  This wouldn't be so bad if the iPhone 5c was just a plastic and colorful iPhone 5s, but no, the iPhone 5c is basically the iPhone 5 with a plastic casing.

Apple will no longer be selling the iPhone 5, it will sell the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s.

My question is, why would anyone want to buy the iPhone 5c?

Think about it,  when you pay $200 for a phone and do a 2 year contract you are really paying about $650 for that phone.  Remember that part of your phone bill goes towards paying for your phone.  If you only pay $100 for that phone and doing a 2 year contract, you are really paying around $550 for that phone.  So if you are paying $550 for something and you could get a MUCH better one for $100 more, wouldn't you want to pay the extra $100?

When you just see it as $200 vs $100 it does seem like a huge difference, but when you think about the real amount that you pay, it just doesn't seem worth it to got with the 5c.

Let me know what you think!

Javier "STUFF" Torres

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Nintendo 2DS

No, that is not a typo, it's not supposed to say 3DS, it is the Nintendo 2DS.  I should also point out that I am writing this in August so this is NOT an April Fools joke.  Yesterday Nintendo announced 2 big things, first of all, they are lowering the price of the Wii U Deluxe set (since the non Deluxe set is now gone should this still be called the Deluxe set?) by $50.  Personally I was hoping they'd go a lot lower than that.  

The other piece of news was the announcement of a Nintendo 2DS which they'll be selling starting October 12th!!

So is this a 3DS replacement?  Not at all.  

Is it better than the 3DS?  Nope. 

Does it fold?  No

What is it then? 

The Nintendo 2DS is simply a cheaper option.  A lot of people that play 3DS games tend to play them with the 3D turned off anyway.  A lot of kids tend to break their DS systems right at the hinge from opening and closing so much and also from dropping it while open, or stepping on it while open, stuff like that.  

A lot of kids also see their parents with tablets and they want a tablet, well the 2DS is certainly not a tablet but for a lot of kids it might just be good enough.  Ok now I'm just making up things here. 

Personally I don't think I'd like to play with this much, but who knows, I may try it out and think it's great.  

So how much cheaper is this?  

The Nintendo 2DS will be available starting October 12 for $130.  The regular 3DS is $170 so I guess it really depends on how much you want to save those $40.  October 12 is also the day they release the new Pokemon X and Y so maybe that money can go towards the purchase of a new game. It will be available in RED or BLUE.  

It really does look like the 2DS is made with young children in mind.  A lot of people are talking bad about Nintendo and the 2DS saying it's useless, ugly, dumb and many other things.  Personally, I like options, even if I don't care for them.   It's not like they are forcing me to buy this by making it replace the 3DS, if that was the case I'd be upset but this is simply a cheaper option for those who want it.  

Javier Torres

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nexus 4 is $200!

As many of you know, if you are looking for a great GSM phone, the Nexus 4 has always been a great deal.  While most top of the line phones tend to cost well over $600 without a contract, the Nexus 4 is a very good (close to top of the line) phone that costs $300 (for the 8GB version, the 16GB version is $350 which is still very good).

Well, now Google has gone ahead and made the Nexus 4 even Cheaper!  The 8GB version is now $200 and the 16GB version is now $250.

This of course means that the new Nexus phone is coming soon, not sure when but obviously Google wouldn't be trying to get rid of their inventory if that wasn't the case.  Should you wait for the new one to come out?  That's totally up to you, personally I think the current Nexus 4 is a great phone.

I really wish more people would understand what a great deal this is, basically you could get a 8GB Nexus 4 for the same price you'd get another phone on a 2 year contract without having to do a 2 year contract.

Sadly, the Nexus 4 is only a GSM phone, which means you are not going to be able to use this baby with services like Sprint or Verizon.  It will work fine with AT&T, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk and other GSM services.  It will NOT work with servies like Cricket, Boost or Virgin.

Anyway, feel free to head on over to The Play Store and check it out!

Javier Torres
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Monday, August 26, 2013

New Anarchy Live Podcast Coming Soon!

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to let you all know that I am working on a new AnarchyLive.com Podcast!

The last couple of months I've been working with some friends of mine who run the Game X Presents podcast which you can find over at http://gamexpresents.libsyn.com/ and making that podcast has been a lot of fun.  The problem is, I'm a Tech guy, the podcast is mostly a Gaming podcast.  So far we've been mixing up gaming and tech but we decided it would probably make more sense to split up the sections.

Basically the way it's going to work for the most part is when we get together to record Game X Presents we will also record Anarchy Live.  This also gives us all more flexibility of doing something without the other if needed.  This in no way means that we wont be working together, on the contrary, we are just organizing things a bit more now when it's easy so that it doesn't become a big deal later.

I will let you all know once my Anarchy Live Podcast starts, should be this week, but in the meantime, you should certainly check out the Game X Presents Podcast.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New "Early Upgrade" may get you paying twice for a phone!

Apparently it's that time of the year when the main phone carriers decide they are going to make a few changes and make it sound like they are saving us money when they really aren't.  This time around the changes come in the form of "Early Upgrade" plans.

T-Mobile has one called "JUMP", AT&T has one called "NEXT" and Verizon has one called "EDGE".  T-Mobile's plan doesn't really bother me all that much for two reasons.

1. T-Mobile removed the price of the phone from their service fees, so when you get a phone using a 2 year contract (or payment plan as they prefer to call it) you pay monthly fees for the phone but once you are done paying for the phone, you no longer have to continue paying for it.  With Verizon and AT&T you are paying for the phone in your monthly service cost, but at the end of the 2 years, that cost doesn't change, you continue paying for the phone even after being done.

2. T-Mobile Jump costs an extra $10 a month on your plan, but it works as phone insurance, most of us would pay close to $10 for phone insurance anyway.

Check out my video below for more information on why I think that Verizon and AT&T are trying to rip you off, specially AT&T where after a year you basically end up paying $606 for a $650 which you'll have to give back to them if you want to do the early upgrade.

If you are the type of person who MUST have the latest phone, some of this may be for you, but for most people I would have to say "Stay away!".  

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Thank You!
Javier Torres

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Moto X

A few months ago Google purchased Motorola, which is one of the top phone makers out there.  They may not be as big as Samsung but Motorola has been around for a very long time and they've always made very good products.  However Google didn't buy them for their ability to make phones, they were purchased because Motorola had a lot of patents that could help Google out with their fights against Apple and other companies.  However, if you have a company that makes phones, why not make phone?

Since Google bought Motorola we've seen a few new Motorola phones come out, but those were all phones that Motorola had already designed before the merger.  Yesterday Motorola announced the Moto X, which is the first phone they've designed since the Google/Motorola merger.

The Moto X
Also available in White

Technically it's also available in a lot of other colors...

The front part is only available in Black or White, the back part will be available in many colors, however for now, only for AT&T, soon all the options will be available in other carriers. 

So what is it? 

Before we talk about what it is, lets talk about what it is NOT.  

This is NOT a top of the line phone made for the hardcore enthusiasts.  Motorola has never been that company, HTC and Samsung can fight each other for that.  

This is NOT a Google Phone, don't expect a Nexus.  From the beginning Google mentioned that they are not going to give Motorola any special treatment when it comes to access to software and stuff like that because they want all the companies to have the same fair chance.  

This is NOT a pure Android experience, Motorola has hardly made changes to the OS, it's almost pure, but it is not pure. 

This phone may not be a top of the line but it is not a slow phone by any means, I would say in a lot of ways this phone rivals last years tech.  

When you look at the difference between a Galaxy SIII and a Galaxy S4 you will notice that speed wise, they are not that different.  That's because phone CPU's have already been doing things fast enough for a while.  They keep adding more and more power but unlike the days of early Android, it just doesn't make a big difference anymore.  Motorola and Google both know this.  

So what are the specs? 


The screen is a 720P Amoled screen, which seems low in today's 1080P display world, but honestly 720 is more than enough for most people.  There may be some people out there with amazing eyesight and they can tell the difference between a 720p screen and a 1080p one, but most people won't be able to, and even then I think the people who say they can are probably lying. 


The phone runs what Motorola is calling a X8 Mobile Computing System.  This is basically a bunch of other components put together.  In this case we have a 1.7Ghz DUAL core Snapdragon S4Pro processor.  So it is a Dual core processor as the main processor.  It also has a QUAD Core Adreno 320 GPU, so for graphics it does have a rather nice quad core GPU.  It also contains 2 other much less powerful CPUs for specific tasks like listening to your voice when it's in standby or showing you notification messages on your screen.  The whole thing does have 2GB of RAM which also help a lot. 

I like the idea of adding much slower much less power consuming cpu's for specific tasks.  It's certainly not the first time this is being done but it's nice.  


The camera on the Moto X is 10 Megapixels.  Nothing too special, they do claim to have new sensor technology called "Clear Pixel Technology" that should be able to capture better low light images.  Honestly I've been hearing this from many companies but I've never really seen anything amazing. 

Not too sure about the front camera, I'd guess it's a 2MP like most.


Didn't know what else to call this one.  The phone has certain tricks that make interacting with it easier.  For example,  you can say something like "Ok Google Now" when the phone is on standby and it'll recognize your voice and what you said, then Google Now will be launched.  From there you can go ahead and do more things without having to touch the phone once. 

When you get into your car with the phone, the phone will know that you are driving and switch itself into driving mode. 

When you get messages you'll get a notification on the screen, since the screen is AMOLED it'll save energy because it only needs to light up the specific pixels.  

When you take the phone out of your pocket, you can shake the phone and the Camera app will pop up, you can also take a picture by clicking anywhere on the screen. 

Why should I be interested in this phone?

For starters, this is the first time Motorola has ever had a "Flagship" device.  Motorola has always had good phones but they've usually been for just 1 company.  This phone will be available for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and probably US Cellular (yes they are still around). 

This phone is also assembled in the US (at least for US people).  This does not mean it is made in the US, I'm sure most of the parts are made in China, but a lot of the work is still being done here in the US and that's a good thing in my book. 

Battery!  The reason this phone has a 720P display and it has a Dual core processor is because they are trying to make the phone good enough in order to save battery.  Motorola claims that the phone will be able to go a full day with 1 charge, and by a full day they don't mean 8 hours of work, they don't mean the 16 or so hours or so that we are awake, they claim 24 hours. 

Software updates!  While the Moto X is not pure Android, it is very close to being pure, which means updates may be easier for them. 

Why shouldn't you be interested? 

The only thing that kind of bugs me is the fact that the phone costs as much to get as the S4 or HTC One, $200 with a 2 year contract.  The phone is beautiful, supposedly it feels really good on your hand, it should run fine and all but it is using a lot of last years technology, so is it worth as much as the top of the line phones?  I don't know.  Maybe the whole being assembled in the US thing costs more?  I don't know.  

If the reviews of the phone prove the phone is good, would I get one? 

Yes, yes I would.  Although what I would really like to see is have a Google Experience version of this phone.  Just have Google sell it on the Play Store for a more rational price with 100% stock android.  Basically I would like this to be the next Nexus. 

Thank You for reading!

Javier "STUFF" Torres

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Google Chromecast

The Nexus 7 was not the only thing that Google unveiled yesterday, it was only the thing everyone was expecting.  The thing no one was expecting however was the Google Chromecast!

So what exactly is this thing? 

Basically this device is running a lighter version of the Chrome OS (didn't know it could get lighter) and you can use it on your TV.  Does this mean that you'll be able to use your TV as a computer?  No.  So this brings us back to wondering, what is it?

Basically this dongle is going to allow you to take that video you are watching on your phone or tablet or PC and watch it on your TV.  You can also use it to play your music on the TV as well.

How does it work? 

My first concern with this was "Will it kill my battery since the phone is sending all that information to the device?"  Well, that's not an issue.  When you are watching a YouTube video, a Netflix video or playing music from Google Play on your phone, you can click on a button and have the information go to the Chromecast.  The Chromecast simply receives a link, it goes online and looks up the information itself.  You can then use your device or devices in order to control the playback.  The information as far as I know is not streaming from the phone to the device.

This however brings me to a question which I have not been able to answer yet,  what if I have a video on my device locally, will I be able to stream it to the Chromecast the same way I would with a Samsung smart tv?  I honestly don't know that information yet.

How can I use it? 

You do NOT have to use Android to take advantage of this device, you can use your PC or Mac running the Chrome Web browser, it'll allow you to browse the web from your TV.  You can also use your iPhone or iPad.  Basically plug it into your TV's HDMI input and do a quick one time set up online.

Right now only a few applications support it, but hopefully there will be more coming.

Ok, I like it, but How much? 

I've seen similar devices before that are very limited as to how you can use it or what devices you can use it with, they are usually in the $100 range.  The Chromecast however is available now and it only costs $35.

With a cost of $35 this is certainly a must have in just about any household that has any kind of smartphones or tablets.  Is it a device you'll use a LOT?  That depends on how often you use things like YouTube or Netflix.  But really even if it's helpful every now and then, for $35 it seems worth it.

Anything I don't like?

Some newer TV's may be able to power the device using just HDMI however for some older TV's you will need to plug it in using USB and the USB port on some of these TV's may not be good enough, so you may very well end up having to plug it in to your power strip.

Personally I am very excited about this product and I can't wait to get one!

Javier Torres

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Nexus 7!

Today Google announced a couple of things that I'd like to talk about.  In this case I'll talk about the New Nexus 7!

This new Nexus 7 tablet will obviously replace the old Nexus 7 and it will begin shipping on July 30th.

So what is so special about this new Nexus 7?


The screen on the old Nexus 7 was never a bad screen, for such a cheap tablet it was actually pretty good.  However this new screen comes in with a resolution of 1920 X 1200.  This is supposed to be the highest PPI tablet on the market now.  Of course that probably wont be for long.  It's nice however to see the Nexus 7 screen right up there with the beautiful screen of the older (although not so much) Nexus 10.


Unlike the Original Nexus 7, the new Nexus 7 has a rear camera.  Don't expect too much from it, it's a 5MP camera, so I wouldn't even expect to be able to record at 1080p, but at least its there.  Personally though, I'm of the belief that people should never be taking pictures with their tablet unless that's all they have available.  There will be a 1.2MP camera in the front


The old Nexus 7 used to run on the Tegra 3 processor, which was a great processor, it also had 1GB of ram on it.  The New Nexus 7 will be running a Quad Core Snapdragon S4.  On paper the difference doesn't seem that big, both are Quad core processors, the old one was 1.3Ghz and the new one is 1.5Ghz but I believe the S4 processor has proven to be a much nicer processor than the Tegra 3. The new Nexus 7 now also has 2GB of ram which should help it even more.

A few other things: 

The new Nexus 7 has a few other things that I figured I'd mention.  First is the GPU, it uses the same GPU as the Galaxy S4.  It also has a HDMI out port which is for the most part useless but every now and then you do want to use it.  Another thing that I absolutely love that I'm sure a lot of people will find useless is the addition of Qi Wireless charging.  I know plugging it in is not that big of a deal but I am in love with Qi charging.

The one thing that puts this tablet down some is the fact that it is actually more expensive than the previous model, which is a bit weird because normally electronics stick to a specific price point if they are replacing a previous model.

You can get a 16GB WiFi only version for $230, a 32GB WiFi only version for $270 and a 32GB 4G LTE version for $350.  Yes, that's right, 4G LTE, supposedly for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.... does this mean the next Nexus phone will be available for Verizon?  Who knows...

Are the extra things like Qi Charging, HDMI Output and a higher res screen worth the extra $20-$30?  Personally, I think so.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why I dislike Digital Rights Management (DRM)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Digital Rights Management, it is basically restrictions that a company can put on certain digital products they sell you.  Like when you'd buy a song via the iTunes store but you could only play that song on an iPod.

I have a lot of problems with this idea.  You see, when I buy a product, I want it to be mine, I should be able to do with it as I want.  I should be able to give it to a friend, sell it to a stranger, lend it to someone, fool someone into paying more for it.  It's mine, I bought it, I own it.

I've been thinking about this a lot this week because of Microsoft's Xbox One.  They are making it so that you can only trade a game once.  To me this is just unacceptable.

Imagine that you buy a watch, a phone, or any other physical product.  You paid for it, so it's yours,  you can give it to whomever you want, that person can do with it as they wish, they can give it to someone else, or sell it, or whatever, because you gave it to them.

Could you imagine if you couldn't do that?  If you couldn't resell something once you buy it?  If you had to buy something new every time you wanted it? Imagine not being able to sell your car or your home!

I'm sure most companies that create physical products would LOVE it if there was a way to force people to buy their products new instead of used.  However they can't, because it's physically impossible to put such restrictions.

So why are we allowing companies that create digital content to do this?  When it was just an issue with a 99 cent song, I didn't care too much, 99 cents, big deal, but I'm seeing this happening more now with other things.  The other day for the first time I bought a digital movie on Amazon for $10.  So I would like to think that this movie now belongs to me.  I should be able to download the digital file and play it wherever I want, but I can't.  Why not?  If I had paid $10 at the store I would have been able to get the DVD, I would have been able to create a video file and I would have been able to play that file in any device.  As long as I own that DVD my file should be legal for me to use.  Later I would have been able to sell the DVD at which point I would no longer have the right to play the file.

Point is, I paid for the movie, I should have full access to the file.  I am no longer buying any movies online if this is how they are going to handle it.

With the Xbox One, the only way I will consider buying stuff from them is if they do what Steam does and give me amazing deals on games.  If I get an amazing deal, then I won't mind if it's limited, but if they are expecting me to pay full price for a game that is going to be limited, not going to happen.

It started with ebooks and music, lets not allow DRM to keep controlling OUR things that we pay for.  I don't mind services like Netflix and Google Play Music because I'm paying for a subscription, I never truly own anything but I have full access to their library, so that's totally different.

Let me know what you think!

Javier "STUFF" Torres

Sunday, April 7, 2013

OH AFRICA - Alisha Popat (feat. Peter Hollens, Zolani Mahola)

It is fairly simple to meet beautiful people out there.  There are tons.  It can also be pretty simple to meet talented people, if you go on YouTube there are so many out there.  It becomes harder sometimes to meet kind and loving people.    Meeting kind and talented people is something special.  When you meet a beautiful, kind and talented person, well that's just awesome.

In my opinion this is what Kenya's Alisha Popat is.  Not only is she Beautiful, Talented and Kind, she's also so Passionate and full of life that just a few words from her make your day better.  Hearing her talk about her love for Africa makes you wish  you were there and certainly makes going there a goal in your life.  

I've posted some of her videos in the past and today I have a new one that I'd like to share. 

This time she teamed up with the very talented Peter Hollens and Zolani Mahola.  I must admit I don't really know Zolani but I'm looking forward to seeing more from her. 

The name of this new video is: Oh Africa

They basically took the song Hallelujah and changed it so that it would be a song about Africa.  

Peter Hollens and Alisha also went on to record the actual Hallelujah song!

Please feel free to follow Alisha on Twitter @alishapopat

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

New T-Mobile Plans Explained

So, T-Mobile has changed the way they do business.  They are trying to eliminate the traditional 2 year contract.  In this video I try to explain how the new plans work!

Basically the new plan is the following:

$50 for Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 500MB of data that you can share.

If you care about Sharing your data you can add 2GB of data for $10

You can add that up to 6 times for a total of 12GB that you can share.

If you don't care about sharing your data you can get the Truly Unlimited Data Plan for $20

You are still paying for 500MB that you can share with the original plan, so even with Unlimited Data you'll be able to share those 500MB.

If you want to add more lines for a family, you can have up to 5 lines.

The second line would cost you $30 for the same $50 basic plan.  A third, fourth and fifth line would each cost you $10.

Data plans are NOT shared, so you do have to add them individually if you wish.  So if you want all 5 lines to have Truly Unlimited Data that would be a total of $20 X 5 = $100 for all the data plans.

If  you are a single user who just wants a cell phone with about 2Gigs of data, on Verizon this would cost you $40 for a Smartphone service and $60 for 2Gigs of data.  It would be a total of $100.

With T-Mobile it would be $50 for a Basic line and another $10 for 2 extra gigs, giving you a total of $60.

That's a Savings of $40 per month.

This is what both of those services would cost if you already had a phone you could use.  But what if you don't?

If you need a phone, the Verizon line would not cost you extra.  You Pay around $200 for the phone that you want and sign a 2 year contract.

The T-Mobile plan would require you to put around $100 down and then you could sign a 2 year contract where you pay an extra $20 a month for the phone.  So instead of $60, it would now be $80.  You are still saving $20 a month.

That's $240 a year, or $480 in the 2 year period, that's basically another phone.  If you take into consideration that you had to pay about $100 less down, it IS another phone.

At the end of the 2  years T-Mobile stops charging you the extra $20 for the phone.  Verizon does not.

So if you are happy with your phone and service and you decide to keep using the same phone for another year, with Verizon you would end up paying $480 more.

Obviously there are more things to take into consideration when looking for a cell phone provider. But when looking at just the numbers of what it would cost to have the phone, T-Mobile looks like a far superior option.

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