Friday, September 21, 2012

iPhone 5 Day!

Today is the day that so many people wait for every year, the day that they are able to get their iPhone 5.  Or at least that's the way it's supposed to be, however unless you are rich or unemployed your chances of getting an iPhone 5 today are rather slim. Today is really the day that I have to ask myself "What the hell is going on here??"


When Apple announces their new devices, they start taking pre-orders right away.  People that know they want the device so they pay ahead of time for it.  So by the time the device comes out, Apple has already sold Millions of the devices.  However on iPhone release day, those people are not all getting their phones.  I have a friend who pre-ordered but is not getting a phone until October 5th.


Each year you have people lining up in front of Apple stores all over America for a chance at the phone.  I can understand lining up a few hours before the store opens.  I've done it, it was rather fun to hang out for a few hours with a bunch of people that had the same interest as me.  But this is getting out of control, you have people camping outside the store for a full week.  So either these people don't have a job or they felt they needed the iPhone so bad that they took a week of vacation to camp out in front of an Apple store.  That could certainly be a vacation they'll never forget.


A lot of the people who camp out for the iPhone 5 don't even really care about the iPhone 5.  Like I said, many of them are jobless, so they just want to try and sell it to make a quick profit.  So, if you have enough money (and I guess I really shouldn't say rich) you can go on Craigslist today and get your iPhone 5 for a lot more than what it's worth.  The cheapest iPhone 5 will most probably be going online for around $1000.


The thing that really bothers me about these lines is the use of human lives as tools.  Some companies are paying people to stand in line to basically be a billboard for their company.  Other people are hiring homeless people to stand in line for them.  Some people are hiring a lot of people just so they can buy multiple devices to sell for profit.

I want you to look at the video below and look at the woman in it.  It'll show you the kind of people that are hiring humans to just go and stand in line for them:

Notice how this woman is just sick.  She has absolutely no reasoning as to why she wants that phone, she just has to have it.  Sadly a lot of people do this, they have to have it regardless of it being basically exactly like the one they already have or not.  This is the cult that Apple has created and the one that has made Apple the largest company ever.  

Final Thoughts: 

I do wonder however, why does Apple allow these lines to form in order to sell the phones in their stores on a specific date when they can't even meet the demand of their loyal (but not mental enough to deal with all this crap) fans who pre-ordered?

Imagine if you bought something from me, lets say a doughnut and I told you that you'll have to wait for your doughnut because I'm out.  However, right in front of you other people are coming up to me and asking for a doughnut and I'm actually giving them one.  This is exactly what they are doing in my opinion.  They've already got your money They know the chances of you canceling are rather slim because they know you want that phone, so they'll just make you wait and see how much more money they can get out of people.

In the meantime I sit at home happy with my Galaxy S3.  Which may not be as good looking as the iPhone 5, but it sure has a lot more usability and personally I find it to look quite nice.  The look of the phone is rather useless, we usually end up putting it inside some case anyway.

Javier Torres


  1. Not sure what you're talking about. The Galaxy S3 is an awesome phone. The iPhone 5 can't compete. For the most part, I find it's a joke people do these campouts unless they are using it as an excuse to hang out with their friends. In some cases, I'm sure people do this on the weekend.

    I found your site because you must have been using our domain in the past. Regardless, I'll keep reading.

    The Anarchist, Owner of Anarchy Forums

  2. Hello! I agree about the S3, I happen to own an S3 and a Galaxy Nexus. Looking forward to getting the Note II.

    Yes, I used to an invision board on years ago, later on I changed the name of it to and eventually killed the forum and made it a blog. Haven't been blogging much lately but planning on getting into video blogs instead.

    It's nice to see someone using the domain again lol I still have merchandise.

    1. Haven't used the Galaxy Nexus, still Android though. I'm hoping to get the Note as well. Pretty neat to know someone owned the domain before us.

      Video blogging is probably the right direction, since people offer services selling views, etc... Plus it's much easier to watch a video than it is to read.

    2. Yea, it's kind of weird to see it being used by someone else also lol but I'm also glad. I always thought it was a good name but I wanted to move more into blogging so the name FORUMS just wasn't going to work.

      My version of Anarchy Forums started back in 2002 and for a while it had a decent amount of traffic. We used to have a nice little group and we'd do photoshop contest and all kinds of dumb things. For some reason we had a lot of visitors from Estonia, I never did quite figure that one out lol.