Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spotify is now like Pandora, Mountain Lion and stuff I don't care about

As you guys know I tend to only write when Inspiration hits.  Sadly lately there hasn’t been anything I’ve been inspired to write about.  I’ve been busy doing some other work and I’ve also been getting more into Photography but also there just hasn’t been that much going on in the world of Technology which is what I tend to talk about the most.  I’ve been reading a TON of rumors about the new iPhone but I hate reporting on that since they are just rumors.  

The new Mountain Lion update came out for Macs but I haven’t noticed anything super special about that.  It’s kind of nice that you can Tweet so easily now but tweeting from a computer was never a big difficulty for me.  Being able to send messages to iPhones and iPads using the Messenger app is nice, but it would be a lot nicer if I could text anyone using that.  But if your friends have iPhones it’s certainly nice to have.  The Airplay Mirroring part sounded like it would be great, being able to mirror the display of the computer using an Apple TV “Wirelessly”.  I say sounded like it would be great because I can’t use it because my Mac is not newer than 2011.  Funny how they advertise the hell out of that feature but they don’t mention how you must have the very latest equipment in order to use it.  I haven’t really tried the speech recognition because I’ve never really cared for any of that.  But honestly, for the $20 it costs, I think the update is certainly worth it.

One of the things that has happened and this is what inspired me to write something today, the Spotify App for Android now has a Pandora-like Radio feature.  I’ve been paying for Spotify for a while because I honestly think it’s worth the $10 a month, but I’ve always hated the fact that it is in no way a tool to find music you didn’t know about, it was a tool to play music you already knew about.  But as of today, Android users will finally be able to use the app to find music the same way they do with Pandora.  Just like Pandora the App has thumbs up and down options to let them know you like a song or want to skip it. 

When you search for an Artist  you can create the station but it also gives you a list of their albums so that you can just listen to those if you want. If you are listening to an artist already and you are kind of tired of listening to the same artist but want to continue listening to the same style you can quickly create a station from that artist.  I certainly see Spotify  becoming a real threat to Pandora since many times I’ve been listening to Pandora and I hear a song from an artist which makes me want to continue listening to the same singer.  So then I usually just look the person up in Spotify, so a lot of people may no longer see the need to use Pandora.

Just like Pandora, Spotify will play commercials if you are using the free application but if you are like me and find that paying $10 a month for the service is certainly worth it, then you will not have to listen to any commercials.

That’s about all I’ve found worth writing about.  I did watch the Batman movie, but since I’m not a huge batman fan I rated it just a 3 out of 5 for me.  Honestly part of what I do like about Batman is all his gadgets and there just wasn’t much new here.  Maybe I’ll write more about it later, but for now I’ll just let the fans have their fun. 

I also did not really talk about the Colorado shooting.  Look, it’s sad, it is, but it’s nothing new.  Sadly we should be getting used to this stuff by now.  Why the guy did it?  I don’t care.  Finding why he did it will not bring back any of those people back.  It will not change the fact that so many will have to say they lost their loved ones because they went to watch a movie.  It will not change the fact that now a lot of different people and groups will use this moment as a way to push their agendas.  I can only imagine how the families of the ones that died feel and they have my sincere Condolences, but talking about the guy and trying so hard to figure out what he’s thinking is of no use.  He’s either crazy or just smart and evil or just plain stupid.

Javier Torres

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