Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Google +, Samsung vs Apple, iPad Mini

For a few days I’ve been kind of waiting for something exciting to talk about but nothing really has come my way.  It’s been quite boring.  We’ve had some interesting things happening but nothing too exciting.  But I figured I’d at least make a post with some of this information just to keep you all updated. 

Google +

Google + has today released their new iPhone and iPad app!  This is the first  time that Google + has come to the bigger iPad screen.  Up until now if you wanted Google + on your iPad you had to either check the website or use the iPhone app on it which of course didn’t look very good.  The new iPhone/iPad app looks on the iPad very much the same as it does on the iPhone but instead of having 1 row of information the iPad one has 2 rows.  You can scroll up or down if you are in portrait mode or left and right if you are in landscape. 

The app looks great and feels great most of the time.  I did get some skipping but it could have been from the fact that I was tethering form my phone.  I did also get it to just close on me once, so I hope that doesn’t happen much.  Another thing I like about the new App is that you can start hangouts with people right on your iPhone or your iPad.  Being able to use Google + on the iPad should help the social network grow some more.

Samsung vs iOS

Ok, so in the US Apple managed to get a Judge to Ban the sell of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet because it supposedly looks too much like an iPad.  Not a huge deal for Samsung since they are already selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.  Apple also managed to get a ban on the Galaxy Nexus going on, however this one was lifted after a couple of days and Google already says they have fixed the infringement in their newest version of Android known as Jelly Bean.  The issue with the Nexus according to Apple is that they search multiple places at the same time using the same method that Apple does with Siri.  The Galaxy Nexus was taken down from the Google Play store for a few days but it almost worked out great for Google, got more people informed about the fact that the Google Play store does sell such a phone for $350.

Samsung Not as Cool as Apple

The USA is not the only place where Apple has been trying to ban Samsungs Toys.  In the UK they also tried to ban the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 however things turned out differently there when the judge basically said the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not as sleek as a device as the iPad and therefore would not get confused for an ipad.  Almost sounds like an insult, but honestly it’s true.  Apple has always put a lot of quality components into what they make and a lot of thought into making them feel almost luxurious.  Most of Samsungs devices use plastic and don’t weigh all that much, they have a cheaper feeling.  So you’d have to be pretty blind to not notice the difference.

iPad Mini

The rumors of the iPad Mini becoming a reality are stronger than ever.  I even had a friend asking me if he should get a Nexus 7 or wait for the iPad Mini.  Had to explain to him that even though websites say “The iPad Mini will have this and that” it doesn’t mean the iPad Mini is a real thing.  It is still just speculation.  There are many reasons why it would benefit Apple to make one, but there are also many reasons why it wouldn’t.  For example, a LOT of people buy iPads because they think there is nothing better.  So if those people started buying cheaper iPad Minis instead, that’s a lot of money they could lose.  At the same time there is a LOT of people buying those cheaper Kindle Fires and now Nexus 7s.  So getting those people they could certainly make up for the money they lose.  Also, how cheap could an iPad mini be?  The iPod Touch costs more than the Nexus 7.

Well, that is all I have today, you all take care!

Javier Torres

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