Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AT&T Shared Data Plans

Ok AT&T is going to be starting their Shared Data Plans Late August, so here is some info on that. 

The biggest difference from Verizon right up front is that AT&T will NOT require people to use these plans.  So it kind of makes more of a mess because now people will have the Individual plans or the family plans or the shared family plans.  So if you are just looking to set up a regular dumb phone with unlimited talk and text, you are not forced to add a data package to it that you will never use, but you still have to go with a regular Individual plan and Pay $70 which costs the exact same as a Verizon $30 for the phone and $40 for the data you’ll never use.

As you can see the AT&T prices are kind of all over the place.  If you just want 2GB which on Verizon would cost you $60 then you are kind of out of luck because they don’t seem to offer it.  The 6GB on Verizon would cost you $80 + $40 for the smartphone but AT&T would be $90 + $35.

That brings me to another big difference.  Verizon Kept their prices for additional things quite simple.  Smartphone = $40, Basic Phone $30, hotspot device $20 and Tablets $10

For smartphones AT&T will change the price depending on how much data you are buying.  So if you use less data, then it costs more to have your Unlimited Minutes and Unlimited Texting phone.  However, if you use more data, then it costs them less to provide you with the exact same service.

If you already have the plan and would like to add a Basic phone to it, that’s still going to be $30 just like Verizon.  Hotspots are also going to be $20 and Tablets will also be the same $10.

Just like Verizon you will be able to have up to 10 devices connected to the account, but one of those HAS to be a smartphone.

I know with Verizon you are able to switch your data plan in the middle of the month if you feel you will need more data that month.  I don’t know if AT&T will allow this.  I do know that if  you are close to going over your Data usage you will get a message letting you know and if you actually go over, you will be charged $15 for each GB.  Which is exactly what Verizon does, so I hope they also allow you to switch.

I also honestly hope that the prices they show here are really just their way of making the list shorter and that they will allow people to get 2GB and 8GB plans.

Javier Torres

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