Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Verizon Wireless Share Everything Plans

On June 28th Verizon Wireless plans to go live with their new cell phone plans which are made to make things a bit easier for some and to get more money out of more premium users.  Let me try to simplify it below.

Voice and Text Plans:

You know how right now if you want a voice plan you have to chose how many minutes you want and whether or not you want an unlimited texting package.  Sometimes the package that you get for voice comes with unlimited texting, other times it doesn't.  So it can all become quite confusing.

Starting June 28th there will only be 1 option.  An unlimited Voice and text package.  Whether you are a family in a family plan or a single individual no longer matters either.

So how much will it cost to get on this unlimited voice and text plan?

It depends on the device that you are hooking up to the line.

Smartphone: $40/month
Regular Cellphone: $30/month
Mobile Hotspot Device: $20/month
Tablet: $10/month

So technically you should be able to get a simple voice and text phone for just $30 a month according to this, but it's not that simple, they do require you get at least the $40/month data plan which gives you 300MB data.  So depending on how much texting you do, you might still be better off getting a prepaid plan.

Data Plans:

The cool thing about the Share Everything plan is that you will be able to share your data with all your devices.  This being a good or bad thing completely depends on the person.  If you and your family hardly use data then you could certainly save a lot of money.  However if you tend to use more than 2GB a month then you may find your savings to be lacking.

How much will Data Cost? 

$40/month = 300 MB
$50/month = 1 GB
$60/month = 2 GB
$70/month = 4 GB
$80/month = 6 GB
$90/month = 8 GB
$100/month = 10 GB

So if you have as smartphone and want the least acceptable data usage (1GB) then your cost would be $40 for the voice plans and the $50 for the data plan, a total of $90/month.  However if you got a tablet you could add that tablet to the plan to use that same 1GB and only pay $10 extra per month.  You can also tether that 1GB and not have to pay extra for that.  I like that idea since I've always been a believer that if I'm paying for XGB of data I should be able to use it however I want.

What if I like my plan and don't want to change?  

If you like your plan and don't want to change, then the only option is basically to renew your phones before June 28th or if you are not due for a new phone yet then your only options will be to either keep the phone you are using or simply pay full price for whatever new phone you want.

Normally we sign a 2 year contract because we want the cheaper phone, so basically whenever you enter a new contract you'll have to go into the Share Everything plan.  If you pay full price for the phone you won't be making a new 2 year contract.  So the good thing is that you'll be free to leave whenever you want.

Verizon will not simply move you to this new plan unless you ask for it or get a subsidized phone.

What if I get a $50/month data plan but I go over? 

Before you go over, Verizon will let you know that you are close to going over.  At that time you will be able to just switch your data plan to a different one.  Which is normally $10 more for 2GB.  IF you go over and you never did change your plan, Verizon will charge you $15 for each GB that you go over.

How many devices can I add to share my plan?  

Up to 10 devices. Which is more than their current family share plans that only allow up to 5.

This upsets me greatly, should I move to AT&T? 

AT&T has already made it clear that they will be implementing something similar soon.

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