Sunday, June 24, 2012

Google Voice and why you might need it!

Hello everyone!  Today I'd like to talk a little bit about Google Voice and how some of you just might need it.  So what is it?  Some new service from Google?  Nooooo, it's actually pretty old, but I'm still surprised by how little people know about it. 

So, again, what is it?  It's a phone forwarding service from Google!  Ok let me try to explain. 

Lets say you have a cell phone and a home phone and another cell phone.  Why another cell phone?  I don't know!  You are the one with two imaginary cell phones, don't ask me why you did it! 

Now, imagine that you are home watching TV and someone calls your Google Voice Number (yes you get a number).  You hear your cell phone ring but you also hear your other cell phone ring and you also hear your home phone ring.  You are home, so you decide to answer your home phone.  You answer and you hear a message saying "You've got a call from 'Milwaukee Journal', To answer Press 1, to send to voice mail Press 2".  You don't want to talk to the Milwaukee Journal people so you press 2 and send them to voice mail.  But you are still a little bit interested in what they have to say, so you stay on the line listening to them leave a voice mail.  If they say something that REALLY grabs your attention, you can press * and actually talk to the person.  

Lets say that someone called you and there is a part of the conversation you want to record.  Just press 4, a message is played letting both parties know the conversation is being recorded and then it records till you press 4 again. 

Don't want to be bothered at all from 10PM to 7AM?  You can tell it to not ring any of the phones.  

Want to send text messages from your computer?  You can do that, you can send them from your smartphone too, but sadly it doesn't do MMS, just SMS (no pictures).  

More importantly, some of you all change phone numbers way too often.  With Google Voice you get 1 phone number that stays with you no matter what service you have with whomever.  Right now I'm going to be switching from a contract phone to a prepaid phone (sick and tired of contracts, I'll be making a post about this soon) so I'll probably be going through a lot of different phone numbers,  but to my friends and family it'll simply be the Google Voice number.  They can call and text me there.  It's super simple to go online and add a new number for Google Voice to dial when someone calls your number.  

So if you are one of these people that are always getting a different phone number for whatever reason, do yourself and anyone who knows you a huge favor and just get a Google voice number! 

There is a bunch of other cool little things that can be done with Google voice.  Like if you answer your call on your cell phone but now you are home, you can press a button to have it dial your phones again so you can pick up your home phone and continue the call.  If you are on a call with someone and get another call it'll ask if you would like to do a conference call with both people.  You can easily block certain numbers so that when they call your number they just hear a disconnected tone.  You can set up different greetings for different numbers.  So you could be romantic and leave your special someone a lovely message just for her/him/it (you never know).  

There is just a ton of stuff you can do with this service, and it's 100% free.  so go on over to to get started!!

Javier Torres

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