Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apple shows off iOS6 at WWDC

Yesterday June 12th Apple held their World Wide Developers Conference where they showed us a new Macbook Pro with Retina Display that's also thinner and lighter, also a new Macbook Air which is about the same as the previous but with much better specs, their new additions to the next version of Mac OS X codenamed (Mountain Lion) and finally there was also the new version of their mobile operating system iOS, which would be version 6.

Today I would like to talk about iOS 6 and how it's both great and disappointing at the same time.

Siri will now come in more languages including Spanish so personally I'm looking forward to giving that a try, my biggest issue with voice recognition software is my accent so maybe if I could talk Spanish to one it'll understand me better.  But then again I want to send most of my text messages in English so I'm not sure how much I'd use this.

Siri will now also be available on the new iPad.  I do not believe it is coming to the iPad 2 although I'm not 100% on that.  Honestly I'm not sure how useful it will be in the iPad but I'm glad the option will be there.  I see Siri as more of a quick way to get info, I don't see the iPad as the device I'll pick up for quickly checking something.

Siri is now smarter!  They added a ton of info about sports so now you should be able to ask Siri a lot more sports related questions.  It is also more integrated with other services like movie services so that you can get much better info.

So basically they updated a lot of things to Siri.

There is now a new MAPS application, Apple has decided to get rid of Google Maps and make their own.  Well really they just made a deal with Tom Tom.  The new maps look a bit nicer than Google Maps, you know, as nice as a map can look.  It can find businesses just like Google maps can.  It has 3D view of buildings also very much to what Google Maps offers.  Even their big "Flyover" mode which gives you a 3D aerial view of cities is something Google announced on June 6th.  This new map software will also have up to date traffic information just like Google Maps.

The more important news coming from maps is that the new Map software will give turn by turn directions!! Finally!  The demo didn't show if it'll do live updating if you miss a turn but I'd think it will.  This is one more thing Android users will no longer be able to brag about, although they will always be able to say how they've had this since 2009 and iOS didn't get it till 2012.

The part where iOS users are kind of getting screwed here is with Street View.  Obviously it would take Apple a ton of work to go around catching all the images Google has caught and edited to make it's street view.  It has not been announced that there is no street view but they certainly didn't mention anything about it when showing off the features.

iOS6 now has Facebook integration just like iOS5 had Twitter integration.  Not much here, really surprised they weren't both integrated last year.

Facetime will now be able to be used over 3G. . . . About time, Jailbroken iPhones have been doing it for ever.  The picture quality wont be great but this once again proves that Apple just plain didn't want people doing it.

There were no big changes to iOS6.  There were no widgets added, no fresh look either.  They did say it has over 200 new features but most of those are things no one will ever notice.  Personally I was disappointed, I was hoping for them to allow me to add some widgets or shortcuts to that screen you get when you scroll all the way to the left, the search screen, most of it is empty anyway, they could throw some quick shortcuts to turn off Bluetooth, wifi, stuff like that.  The way users have been begging for widgets you'd think they'd at least try to provide something like widgets.

Javier Torres

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