Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Verizon's at it again!

Oh you know how much I just LOVE talking about Verizon. . . .

Today Verizon has announced their new Shared Data Plans that are coming this year.  You have a family share plan where you share your minutes , so why not a Data Share plan where you can share your data as well?  This is exactly what Verizon is going to be providing this summer.  A great thing if you have a lot of users with smart phones but they don’t really use much data.  It’s silly to have to pay $30 for each of those lines.  So this sounds like a great thing, what exactly is my problem? 

My problem is that Verizon plans to end all grandfathered Unlimited data.  They are saying that EVERYONE will be moved to these shared plans.  This makes a lot of sense for people in Family plans but it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense for people in single plans.  Maybe they plan to just have 1 type of plan?  This kind of stuff just upsets me, I keep saying that the longer I am in Verizon the less they can do for me.   I’m very confident that if they introduce this Data Share plans a lot of people would probably want to change to them.  My sister and I are in a Family Share plan, every month I use up quite a bit of my data but still not all of it, and she hardly uses any of hers, so in our case it would make sense for us to get into something like this.  As long as we get to pay less than $60 a month for a good 5 Gigs or something like that.

Point is, plenty of people would have voluntarily moved to these plans, they already Throttle down those unlimited users who use too much data anyway so is there really a need for them to force people into a Data Share plan?  I don’t think there is.  Once again Verizon finds more ways to make me want to switch. 

Javier Torres

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