Thursday, May 17, 2012

UPDATE: Verizon's at it Again

Yesterday I mentioned how Verizon was planning to get rid of Unlimited Data plans.  Well, today Verizon decided to clear things up a little.  They are saying that anyone who buys a LTE phone using the subsidized 2 year contract method will be switched to a Data Shared plan and will lose the Unlimited Data.

If you want to keep your Unlimited Data you will need to simply not get a subsidized phone.  You will need to buy your next phone at full price (usually around $700).  This of course means that you are not doing a 2 year contract.  Which sounds very sneaky to me, makes me think that Verizon will simply find some way to screw me out of my unlimited data later and I won't be able to complain about it because it's not like we have a contract. . . .

Anyway, just thought I'd share the update.

Javier Torres

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