Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tired of Crapware!

Microsoft is announcing a new service they have where you can bring them a new computer you bought somewhere and for $100 they will remove the crapware from it.  You know, all those little TRIAL games and trial versions of this and that.  All these things slow down your new computer.  So the fact that Microsoft is willing to remove it for $100 is good right?

Well, yea, it's good, but what if they quit putting all that stuff in our computers to begin with?  It's so sad that we are at a point where we would need to pay someone to remove the stuff from the computer we JUST bought.  Microsoft is not the only one doing this, plenty of other places offer these services.

I know a lot of these companies that add the crapware are getting paid to put it there, I'm not sure if this translates to a savings for us but I doubt it's a $100 savings per computer.  I'd much rather pay more for a computer from the get go and have a crapware free computer than have to buy the computer and then take it somewhere else to get it fixed already.

I HATE doing this but I'm going to give props to Apple again because when you buy an Apple computer you get the computer with the operating system and that's it.  They don't install a thousand other little things for you to try out.

The other option of course is always to buy your own copy of Windows so that you can reinstall it right away but that can be a pain if you are unfamiliar with it.

Javier Torres

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