Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sony & Samsung team up for Minimum TV Prices

You know how sometimes you go to a store and find a TV you like but then you decide you'll just go home and buy that same TV online for less and deal with having to wait for it and risk having it come damaged and then you having to send it back and wait for another one to come in and pray it doesn't come damaged?  Well, Sony and Samsung don't want you doing that anymore.

They have teamed up to enforce minimum pricing of their TVs.  This means that both Brick and Mortar as well as Online stores will only be able to price their TVs at whatever price Sony and Samsung tells them.  This isn't a new thing, we've seen this plenty with video game systems, doesn't matter where you go to buy it, it costs the same.  Apple also does this with it's products.  That's why it's so easy to say the cheapest new ipad is $499 because it'll be $499 everywhere.

The plan here is to help Brick and Mortar stores from falling victims of showrooming.  Which is what I mentioned at the beginning of this post, when people go into a store to check out product and then go online to buy it for less.  But I'm honestly not sure how much this happens with TVs since buying certain things online can be such a pain also.  Normally when I buy a TV I want it NOW.  I don't want to wait for it.  And the idea of waiting for it and having it come with dead pixels or just plain getting damaged during transport is even less appealing.

I do understand that "Showrooming" is a real problem for a lot of stores.  I also understand that they can't always price things as low as online retailers since normally they do need to hire more people for their operations.  They have to pay a lot of other bills as well that an online store wouldn't have to care about.  But in my opinion that's THEIR problem.  The world is changing and if they want to remain relevant then they need to find ways to do so, and I don't think forcing ME to pay more for things is the right way.

I do believe Walmart is still the richest company in the world so I'm not sure how much these stores really are hurting, but I know they could also find ways to make me want to go there and buy from there.  Give me something that online stores will not be able to give me.  Not the merchandise because you just wont be able to compete there, how about you make the experience of shopping at your stores so much better?  Instead of so many locations, give me better customer service!  Give me Cookies and coffee!  Give me free installation!  There is all kinds of things that would not be able to provide for me.

Javier Torres
Twitter: @tsnstuff

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