Monday, May 28, 2012

NBC blocks content creators on YouTube

Imagine you make a YouTube video that you think is funny.  Then one day you find out that your youtube video was used in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  You'd be pretty excited.  They don't mention who you are or anything but just to have your little YouTube video on national television like that, it's gotta be awesome.

Now imagine that a few years later you go on YouTube to check out your video and the video is no longer there, it was taken down by NBC because supposedly they own the copyright to it now.  You'd probably be like "WTF???".  

This is exactly what has happened to to Brian Kamerer and Travis Irvine.  They made a video that was used on Jay's show a few years ago and now NBC claims they own the copyright.  Brian and Travis are of course furious.  Specially because the TV show never asked them if their content could be used in the show, they just saw it on YouTube and used it.  They didn't even let the creators know it was going to be used so they could at least record the show that day or anything.  

A lot of people are blaming this all on Jay Leno, personally I don't like Jay Leno but I can't really blame him for this, I don't think he has much to do with such decisions.  And for all I know these guys are full of it and they actually made the video for Jay.  I honestly only know the one side of the story here.  But if the story they are telling is true, then I hope they can fix this fairly easily because I hate to think that it would be THAT easy to lose ownership of something you made. 

Brian has posted an open letter to Jay Leno where he attacks the host quite a bit.  I'm all up for open letters but a lot of what is being said in this letter is just stupid and childish in my opinion.  You can check out the letter here.  

Here is the actual video which currently has to be hosted on Funny or Die because again they can't host it on YouTube.  

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