Thursday, May 24, 2012

Google + updated for Android and Facebook Camera App for IOS!

Just wanted to really quick talk about 2 applications that recently have been updated or made.

First I'll mention that the Google + app for Android has finally been updated!  This brings us the new design we saw in the iOS application that got released a couple of weeks ago along with some new features.  You can now start a hangout right from the main menu on your phone and (Honestly I don't know if you could do this one before or not) you can now set up streams for specific circles only.

Overall I really enjoy the new look of the Google + app on Android and iPhone.  I do wish they'd make an iPad version of the program!

Now on to the iPhone and Facebook!  You can now get the new Facebook Camera app right in the App Store for free!  If you'll remember not long ago Facebook purchased Instagram for a billion bucks, well, they've already been making use of that technology!  With the new Facebook Camera App you can take pictures and easily upload them straight to facebook.  You can also add some effects to the pictures and do things like cropping and rotating.

The iPhone never really had a super nice way to upload pictures to Facebook so this is certainly a welcome addition.  Android fans, well, we still get to easily post the picture from our share menu :)

Javier Torres
Twitter: @tsnstuff

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