Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Google + Post

A lot of people joke how no one uses Google + but the truth is, there is a lot of us out there that use it.  I know a lot of people are still kind of confused by it and many others are simply too comfortable with their current Social Networking website. But I figured I'd make another post trying to explain some of the reasons why I prefer Google + over other Social Media sites.

1. Circles:  This allows you to add people into different groups.  So you could have your Family Circle, Friends, Work, Etc.  Lets say you want to post a picture that only people in your family should be able to see, you simply post it to that group alone.  If you want everyone but people from work to see it, you can post it in multiple groups, so simply just don't add "Work" to the mix.  I know Facebook has groups now but they are nowhere nearly as user friendly as Google +'s Circles in my opinion.

2. Auto Photo Upload: If you have a the Google + app on your phone, take a picture and the picture goes straight to the Google + server in a private folder that only you can see.  Then all you have to do is select it and share it.  This is of course optional, but i love it, specially when I take a picture of someone and they think they are clever and go and delete it from my phone, it's ok, I got it saved!  It's also great if you ever lose your phone or accidentally wipe its memory, it's ok, all your pictures are safe.

3. Messenger:  Again with the Mobile app.  Basically the same idea as Apple's Messenger where you can send messages to other users using the app and not have to waste your text messages.  However, Apple's Messenger only works between iPhones.  With the Google + Messenger you can text to any phone with the Google + App.

4. Video Chat:  Facebook has Skype, but Google has it's own video chat capability so that you can have one on one video conversations.

5. Hangouts:  I really should put this as Chat but it's really so much better.  Lets say you have a Circle for all your family members that use Google +.  You can start a Hangout with them.  They see a message that lets them know you are hanging out and they have the option to join in.  Soon you could be video chatting with your brother in one city, your sister in another and your parents in another.  Or you could just make a public hangout about something that interests you so that you can talk about it with other people who are also interested in it.  President Obama has used Google +'s Hangouts to talk to Americans in the past and just last night TV Show Host Conan O'Brien did public hangout, I certainly can see this becoming more and more popular with celebrities.

6. Search:  This kind of reminds me of Twitter because you can search for all posts including certain things and you can also see the things that are trending.

7. Nearby:  Another Mobile app thing, it'll let you know what people nearby are posting.  Kind of a neat way to get to know some of the people around you.  Although right now it seems to think Chicago is "Nearby" Mundelein.

One of the things that I am enjoying the most about Google + is the same thing I have enjoyed about Android, watching it evolve, as time goes by I see it become better and better.  It is just this amazing social networking site that's just waiting for more people to take full advantage of it.

Not saying leave your current Social Media site but I'd certainly give Google + a try, you just may like it.

Javier Torres


  1. You make everything sound so simple. I gave up using Googleplus as I found it confusing at first but now I Will give it another shot.

  2. You make everything sound so simple. I gave up using Googleplus as I found it confusing at first but now I Will give it another shot.

  3. It is certainly different, I guess that's scary to a lot of people. Not sure why though I just find facebook to be a lot more confusing than Google +.