Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Ok so I haven't been updating much lately and that's due to a couple of reasons.  First, there hasn't been that much going on out there that I'd care to share here and I've been preoccupied with other things.  

One of those things is kind of a journey of getting to know myself better.  I've always felt kind of an outcast, never really seemed to fit in with most people, always kept to myself quite a bit and hardly ever contact my friends and family even though I love them dearly.  

Now I've been learning of a Personality Type system called Myers Briggs.  It basically says there are 16 different ways that people tend to think.  It talks about the way the Brain gathers information and how it decides to use it.  What the information is will determine what kind of person this person will be.  

Anyway, studying this system I've come to the conclusion that I am an INTP.  The letters themselves have a lot of meaning to them, but basically an INTP is a person who is constantly thinking, as in, we can't stop the thinking, we are constantly gathering information from around us and thinking.  Good thinking, bad thinking, boring thinking.  It becomes almost like a nightmare at times because you can't stop the thinking.  Feeling or human emotion is our least developed function and it is the one we tend to understand the least.  Doesn't mean we don't have emotions, just means we usually keep them way way inside.  But they can certainly come out quite a bit, specially with really close friends.  

A good example is when my Mom passed, people kept saying how strong I was because I wasn't crying.  It's not that I didn't feel horrible, but my brain was processing so much information that it wouldn't allow that function to kick in.  It wasn't until I was alone in the nights that I was able to really think only about mom and then I would cry like a child.  

I could sit here and talk about being INTP for days and what it all means, but I wont do that to you.  I did want to say that finding this about myself lead me to a forum called personalitycafe.com where they have subforums for each Myers Briggs type.  I started going to the INTP forum and I was amazed at how many people JUST like me were there.  It was like I was home.  

SO if you are going through life thinking that you are just not quite right, like you are just too different from everyone you know, try looking into the Myers Briggs system.  I learned a lot about myself that I did but didn't realize I did.  

There isn't one webpage for this, there is a ton.  There is a lot of good and bad information out there.  There is a lot of not very good online tests.  If you want to look into this, you have to be willing to take the time and study the functions.  More importantly you have to understand that there is no better personality.  Every personality type has it's strengths and weaknesses.  

That is all for now, just wanted to say hi, say what I've been up to and let you all know I have not forgotten you.  

Javier Torres

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