Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yup that iPad is Hot!

When I say that new iPad is hot, I mean it is Physically Hot!  

As some of you may know last Friday I received my new iPad which I had preordered.  I will be giving my opinion on it in a few days after I’ve used it a bit longer, but I wanted to share this with everyone.  While playing with the device I kept feeling that the thing was kind of hot.  I started to wonder if it was just me.  I hadn’t owned an iPad since the original iPad so I didn’t know if the iPad 2 got this hot.  My Roommate who had an ipad 2 told me his didn’t.  Yesterday Dutch website “Tweakers.net” published results of some testing they did where they put the new iPad and the iPad 2 under a infared camera and came to the conclusion that the new ipad actually runs around 10 degrees hotter than the older iPad 2.

10 degrees may not seem like much, but after holding the iPad for a while it really does start to get somewhat uncomfortable.  This result is also from 2 devices these people at Tweakers decided to test, some iPads may certainly be getting warmer than 10 degrees, I’m surprised no one else seems to be making more in-depth tests. 

My review of the new iPad will be coming soon!

Javier Torres


  1. I've not noticed this with mine at all. Weird.

  2. That's what I find kind of scary. Are there just bad batches? Because I know mine gets warm, again not too warm but warm enough to make it a bit uncomfortable if you hold it too long. But I also see a lot of people saying theirs don't. So I'm like "ok, is mine just a bad one? or are they supposed to get warm?".

    I haven't really been playing games on it either, just normal picture viewing and web pages. So who knows. I do know that performance wise I haven't had any issues. It has been working fine even when warmer.