Thursday, March 8, 2012

Apple Keynote and iPad thoughts

Ok so yesterday I went ahead and posted some information about the new iPad.  Today I would like to give my opinions of the event and the iPad itself, what did I like, what didn't I   like?

First off the keynote event.  This was always such a special event, people always waited for Steve Jobs to come out wearing the same stuff and "WOW" us.  I don't think anyone was really wow'd by the iPhone 4s and I don't think many were wow'd by The new iPad.  So maybe it's difficult to make a good keynote when there isn't really anything amazing to show.  Or maybe I didn't find the new screen all that amazing because they didn't do a good job at selling me the idea.  The event was just mostly rather rushed and boring in my opinion.  The new Apple TV got what?  5 minutes? I think they spent more time selling me iLife than the iPad.

With all that said, Tim Cook has a very difficult position of trying to fill up Job's place and it'll take some time for him to get his own thing going.  A lot of people were expecting Steve Job's "And one more thing" at the end, well that's not Steve Jobs up there so I guess I'm glad he's not doing that.

As far as the iPad goes, I guess it was just about what everyone expected, and that's the problem.  We are so used to being amazed that getting exactly what you thought you would seems dull.  I do have some complaints of course...

Front facing camera:  Why did they leave the old VGA camera?  You have a beautiful display, you have a good rear camera, why not give us a somewhat decent front camera as well?

SD Card:  No built in SD Card reader again.  Why?  Seriously! WHY??  You make this tablet mostly for pictures, you make the iPhoto application you make it have all these awesome photo effects but you don't make it super easy for people to transfer their pictures?  Yea you can get that SD Card dongle, but who wants to use that thing??

HDMI: Basically all Android tablets come with HDMI built in, it's useless most of the time but every now and then you find it useful.  Why not implement it into the tablet?

Stylus: Even though I said Apple wouldn't have a stylus input like the Galaxy Note, part of me was really hoping it would.  Anotation with a stylus (a real one with different preassure sensitivities and a thin point) is just so much nicer!

CPU:  They made the GPU on the thing faster but the CPU is the same as the iPad 2.  I do hope the new iPad does have more RAM.

Rear Camera:  Not much to complain about here other than if they could make it what it is, they could have made it be exactly like the iPhone 4S instead of just almost as good.

Siri:  I'm not totally sure how to feel about this one.  They did implement the speech to text part of it, but not the full thing and we all know the iPad can handle it.  But, seeing as SIRI is something that needs the Internet at all times to work, I guess it makes some sense to not have it on the iPad.

With all of that said, I do think that this is certainly a good update.  People were hoping for much more but Apple can't be innovative EVERY year.  Look at the iPod, it's just been the iPod for many years, there is only so much that you can do with a device.  However, on the Android side we see a lot of companies playing around with a lot of neat ideas, Samsung is making the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, Asus is working on the padphone that turns into a tablet that turns into a Netbook style table.  So, I don't know, I think Apple could have done much more if they wanted.

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