Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Things that upset me: Donations

Hello Everyone!

I used to call this segment "I hate Thursdays" because I used to do it on Thursdays but I guess the title was getting confusing and I didn't want to be stuck to only a specific day of the week.  So I'm now calling this "Things that Upset me".

Today I want to talk about Donations.  Now I'm not saying that donations upset me.  Noooo, what upsets me is the companies that seem to think that you donate money because you have SOOOO much money left over that you just want them to call you over and over asking you for donations.

In the past I've been blessed enough that I've been able to give a donation here and there, but I no longer want to even do that because you are just barraged with phone calls and emails from these people asking for more.  I really don't know why they do this!  I mean, yea  I understand that they need money but how about just saying "Thank You" to those that helped and leaving them alone?

Oh yea I almost forgot, it's because they want to pressure people into donating. They want to take advantage of those good people who find it difficult to say no, hell that's the reason they probably donated to begin with.  And that's just sad in my opinion.  But I guess it's good Business for them...

Have you ever donated to something and then regretted it because they kept calling?

Thank You!!

Javier Torres

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