Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Samsung Super Bowl Commercial

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Yesterday  I was reading a news article about how so many people felt that Samsung messed up their super bowl commercial by showing off the stylus on the new Samsung Galaxy Note.  It showed a lot of tweets from people complaining how the idea was to get away from the stylus and not go back to it.  Some went ahead to call it the "Palm" commercial.

I do not agree with this.  I think a lot of people don't realize that the Galaxy Note can be used with your fingers just like any other smartphone out there, but sometimes certain things are just better with a stylus, and with the note you can simply make that happen.  I do think that the commercial failed at showing a good example of when you could really use a stylus.  I think a better idea would have been for the guys in line to call up someone to see if this person could get them some food.  So the random person pulls out their Galaxy note and starts writing their order down with the stylus.  Then the people in line are amazed by it.  There is a reason why it's called the Galaxy NOTE, it's made so you can quickly take some NOTES with the stylus.  I think the commercial gave a lot of people the impression that the stylus HAS to be used.

For those of you thinking that you can use a Stylus with any phone, this is a different stylus.  Basically every stylus that you can buy for a smart phone or tablet is made with a rubber or foam type of tip and they are always rather thick tips because otherwise the device would not recognize it.  The Galaxy Note uses an old school looking stylus with a fine tip so that it feels a lot more natural.  I'm actually surprised Apple did not have this technology on the iPad 2  since the iPad has MUCH better handwriting notes applications in the App Store than Android does.  I would hope the iPad 3 does have something like it.

Finally I will say that if they really messed up the commercial it has to be on that over the top marching band singing once the Apple prisoners are released.  That was all just too much in my opinion.  Other than that, the Galaxy Note is certainly a device I've been keeping my eyes on and I hope to see more like it in the future.

Javier Torres

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