Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My open letter to Google!

Google. . .  Meet me at Camera 3!

Look Google, I like you, I really do.  I've enjoyed a lot of your products for many years and it's been awesome watching you grow the way you have.  When you brought Android to us I knew it was a piece of crap, but it showed promise and frankly it was the closest thing I had seen to something that could compete with Apple's iPhone.  It has taken about 4 years but I've seen Android grow from being that crappy OS to becoming what it is now, a OS that in my opinion is much better than iOS.

So what exactly is my problem?  My problem is that you guys are kind of lazy and disorganized.  Android has been doing great in the phone market because most people just want a phone they like that will be able to make calls and handle things like their calendar info and have some basic tools.  No one wants to do anything super complex on their cell phone, so you've been able to get away without having to work too much on your services and applications.

But when it comes to the tablet world people need more, a lot more and you are failing because you keep treating this the same way as the phones.  Tablets have a bigger screen than phones so yes I expect there to be Tablet specific apps and phone specific apps.  I hate it when a dev makes two different ones and tries to sell me both separately, but I certainly feel that there is a lot of applications out there that only work on tablets.  So why is it that you don't have a an easy way to search for tablet only apps on your market?

Part of what makes Apple's iPad great is the great applications that Apple develops for it.  Things like Garage Band are programs that just a normal developer would most probably not be able to make.  I can not think of a single REALLY good application that Google makes for Android Tablets.  All of your applications look like phone applications that are just running on a bigger screen.

You guys seem to just be a mess of people all working on different things without communicating at all.  The Chrome browser for Android is a good example.  How can the default browser for Android be so much better than Chrome when you guys make both?  And what's with Google Chrome OS?  You have a perfectly good light OS with Android!

Another thing that Apple really has going for it is their ecosystem, they just have a lot of things that work together beautifully.  Google has everything it needs to be able to have something better and yet it's not happening.  You have Google Talk which actually has a very good video chat function, you have Google Message on Google + which is very good for sending messages between phones that use the system, you have Google Voice which can send Text Messages using your google voice number and then there is the original messaging app on Android.  Why is it that these are not all combined so that you can easily continue your conversations no matter where you are at?  Instead of so many messaging type apps there should just be 1 really good one!

How about this other example, when I take a picture it gets uploaded to my Google + account, but really it just goes into a private folder in my picasaweb account.  I have Picasa 3 on my PC at home, how come that doesn't automatically download those pictures?? Right now I have to have Dropbox also upload my pictures (so they are being uploaded twice), dropbox then pushes the pictures to my computers.  I have picasa always scanning that folder so as soon as it finds the pictures I can go ahead and view them on my pc.

Google you are a great company for the most part.  I still feel that my Android Tablet has plenty of good uses, but until you start developing more high quality tablet apps, it's always going to be number 2 or number 3 when Windows 8 comes out.  There is plenty that I hate about Apple, but there is plenty they do right as well, so don't be like them but certainly learn from them.

Javier Torres

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