Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A day in a Dog World

Hello All!

Lets take a moment and imagine that one day you wake up and you are stuck in a hole in the ground where you just have enough room to turn around.  Then you come out and you realize that there are no humans around you at all, just giant dogs.  Well the dogs aren't giant, you just shrank.  Then all of a sudden some of the younger dogs come running towards you and start jumping on you and biting you in a playful manner.  Then when you try to run away an adult female grabs you by the neck and pulls you back.

The biggest baddest male in the pack gets up and starts going and everyone just starts following. You don't want to be left behind so  you start following too.  On the trip you really have to go to the bathroom so you keep asking them if they can stop but no one listens to you.  They ignore you and you end up not being able to go until that big bad male decides to stop.

During the night they would make you sleep in a little hole they dig up again.  Whenever you'd end up hurt a few of them would come to you and sniff you but then they'd just leave you alone.  Whenever you'd meet a new dog they'd come and sniff you all over, specially your private areas.  You always had to sleep on the ground, you'd never get much attention from any of the other dogs, the games were always rough and you always had to be doing whatever the big bad male wanted to do.  You couldn't eat when you were hungry, you'd only get to eat whatever left overs were left.

Now imagine that they all treated you like this not because they didn't trust you or you looked different, but because they loved you.  They all loved you so much that they wanted you to be just like them.

Doesn't matter if they loved you, this kind of life would probably suck for you right?

Well, think about how Dogs feel when we try so hard to make them human because we love them so much. Dogs don't want to be humans any more than we want to be Dogs.  They want to have that leader that tells them what they can do and when.  Otherwise they just live very confused lives.

If you have a Dog and you love it, allow it to be a Dog.  He/she doesn't care that you are not a Dog, they don't know that, they know that you are either the big bad male that leads the pack or not.

And yes, I keep saying big bad male but it doesn't have to be bad or male for that matter, there are certainly female leaders.  But I'm just going with the normal here.

Javier Torres

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  1. I agree with this. Stop treating your dog like a baby or a kid. Be respectful to your partner and treat them like what they are.