Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Javier's Thought on the Election

Last night President Barack Obama won re-election and I'm very happy for that, but look at this map:

There is a lot of Red on there, a lot more than I expected.  When you look at the popular vote numbers you'll notice that Obama didn't win by many, he almost lost the popular vote.  We know the electoral votes are the ones that count but the popular vote says a lot about the state of this country.

This is not a time for Democrats to be gloating, we (and I'll say we because I voted for Obama, not because I consider myself a Democrat) may have won but obviously this country is more divided than I originally thought.  I always saw Mitt Romney as a joke, as some Democrat who decided to switch sides just to try his luck.  I saw his ideas to be too much like George W. Bush's ideas that got us into these wars to begin with and I never would have imagined so many people would care for that mentality again.  I didn't think the guy who helped ship so many jobs outside the US would ever have a chance.

I don't think people who voted for him were really thinking about any of that though, they were either thinking about how little they felt Obama had done for them or they were just voting based on their faith thinking they have to impose their beliefs on everyone else.  Regardless of the reason, truth remains that there is a big divide in this country and we should learn to respect each other and maybe just maybe listen to each other a little.  Both sides can be so close-minded.

Let us quit complaining about how the Government wont work together and let US learn to work together and maybe then we'll be able to build a better country.  Let us remember that regardless of the many issues it has, this country is still one of the best countries out there.  And I'm not saying that in a "HELL YEA! AMERICA! WE KICK ASS" type of ways,  I am saying it in a "I'm grateful that I get to feel safe when I go to sleep at night" way.  I'm grateful that I don't have to worry about some bombs falling on my roof or my loved ones living in the middle of a war zone and getting blasted because they didn't run fast enough. I'm grateful that when I go to sleep at night I normally know what I'll have for breakfast the next day and that I can plan Thanks Giving dinner with my sister.  I'm grateful that I don't go to the Doctor not because I can't but because I chose not to.  God Bless America?  We HAVE been blessed and if we don't see it we are blind.

Javier Torres

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10

This Monday October 29th 2012 Google was supposed to have a special event in New York in order to announce some new products.  Because of safety concerns due to the storm that was headed that way they decided to cancel the event.  They did however still use their blog to announce their new products.  

I'm very excited about these products so lets see if i can talk about them without babbling too much and getting too much into technical details.  

Nexus 4

I've talked plenty of times about my Galaxy Nexus and how I think it's so great.  Well this time the new Nexus phone is being made by LG and Google is calling it the Nexus 4.  
The Nexus 4 has a 4.7 inch high res screen that has almost as many pixels per inch as the iPhone 5 screen, 320 Pixels per Inch on the Nexus 4 VS 326 on the iPhone 5.  This phone also has a quad core processor that should be able to compete with any of the flagship phones out there, specially running Android 4.2.  It also has 2 Gigs of ram.  

Some of the Negatives would be the fact that there is no LTE on this phone.  Only GSM so you can only use it with AT&T or T-Mobile in the US (or one of the many smaller prepaid services).  There is also  no MicroSD card on this so you will not be able to expand the memory, very much like the current Galaxy Nexus.  It will come in two version, a 8GB version and a 16GB version.  I'd like to complain about this but I can't because I don't think I've ever filled up my phones memory, I just don't use it to store much music or movies or anything like that.  

What really gets me excited about this one the most is the fact that the 8GB version will cost $300 and the 16GB version will cost $350.  This is without a contract.  Currently if you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S III or an iPhone 5 off contract you have to pay at least $600.  Google is selling you a phone that could very well be better than both of those phones and it's half as much!

The Nexus 4 will be Available for Purchase on November 13th.  

Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is nothing new, it's the 7 inch Nexus Tablet that Google makes with ASUS.  

When Google first announced the Nexus 7 they were selling a 8GB version for $200 and a 16GB version for $250.  Even when Amazon came out with a 16GB Kindle Fire HD for $200 I still felt that the 8GB Nexus was a better deal. 

Well Google has now made the choice even easier,  the 8GB Nexus 7 is now gone and we are left with a 16GB version for $200 and a 32GB version for $250.  There is also a 32GB version with HSPA+ connection for $300 that you can hook up with AT&T or T-Mobile.  Once again, no LTE, but HSPA+ is really not that bad at all.  You could get a Nexus 7 that's always connected for less than a wi-fi only iPad Mini.  

For more of my thoughts about the Nexus 7 please visit My original First look Article.

Nexus 10

Now if you like the idea of the Nexus 7 but you feel like you really need a larger screen and a better resolution, the new Nexus 10 might be what you are looking for.  

The Nexus 10 is a 10 inch tablet that Google is making with Samsung.  

This Tablet will come in a 16GB and a 32GB version but will not come with HSPA+ or any other mobile network support.  It also does not contain a MicroSD card slot.  It has a DUAL core processor which sounds disappointing but I haven't seen it in action, my Galaxy SIII is a Dual core processor and it works beautifully.  

What sets this tablet apart from the competition is it's screen.  It has a 2560 X 1600 resolution, which is 300 Pixels per inch. The new iPad or the iPad 3 or now iPad 4 or the old new iPad or whatever they are called now has a resolution of 2048 X 1536 which = 264 PPI.  So the screen on this thing is even sharper than that of the new iPad. . . .or old new or 4 or 3 or whatever. 

The prices on this tablet are $400 for the 16GB one and $500 for the 32GB one.  Will also be available for purchase on November 13th.  

So there you have it, Google working with LG, Samsung and Asus to bring us great products at an affordable price.  I'm just surprised that there is no Motorola Nexus device, seeing how they OWN Motorola you'd think it would happen... Maybe later.  

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Javier Torres

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The iPad Mini and a few more things

Today Apple had their press event and announced a bunch of new things. Some of the things they announced were changes that people were waiting for, like the new Macbook Pro 13 inch with a retina display.  Some other things were not very impressive like the new Mac Mini.  Some things were just kind of cool but useless, like the new iMac with an extremely thin edges.  There was also a somewhat updated iPad.  They only updated the processor however which makes you wonder if this is what the iPad 3 was supposed to be.  The iPad 3 is no longer being sold.

Lets go back to the iMac for a second.

Pretty?  Yes very.  Although I must admit when I first saw it I thought the full body was that thin, I couldn't believe it, where would they have added all the components?   Well, turns out that only the edges are that thin, the back actually bulges out.

However, in order to make it that thin they had to use some special new type of welding technology to make it happen.  This is where I have to ask, is this really necessary?  I mean, making it this thin and having to find new methods of making it happen simply adds to the price.  I could understand it on a laptop, you carry that thing with you, but how thin do you really need your desktop computer to be?

Ok, now lets talk about the main thing that everyone was waiting for from this event, the iPad Mini.

What we have here is a 7.9 inch iPad that will run everything a regular iPad can.  It is basically a smaller iPad 2.  It has the same screen resolution as an iPad 2, it has the same CPU as the iPad 2 as well.  It has a better rear camera than the iPad 2 though, if you are into using that.

As you may know the main competitor here would the Google Nexus 7 and Apple made sure to try convince everyone about how much better the iPad Mini was compared to the Nexus 7.

I'm not going to deny everything they said, it's true, the iPad Mini has a larger screen so it's easier to read things, cuz. . . they are . . . bigger.

But I do feel the need to mention a few things that they failed to mention.

1. The Screen is indeed larger on the iPad Mini, but the resolution and pixels per inch are better on the Nexus 7.

iPad Mini = 1024 X 768 Resolution, 162 PPI
Nexus 7 = 1280 X 800 Resolution, 216 PPI

Trust me, had they made a better screen for the iPad Mini they'd be flashing those numbers all over the place.

2. The Specs on the Nexus 7 are more impressive.  The iPad Mini has an A5 chip inside, which is basically a 1Ghz Dual core processor while the Nexus 7 has a 1.3Ghz Quad Core Nvidia 3 Processor in there.

Now to be fair, both Operating systems have very different requirements from the processor.  The iPad Mini doesn't have much going on at the same time so it can work just fine with a slower processor, the Nexus 7 has real Multitasking where different applications can be open at the same time and it has to deal with widgets and live updating and all the other things Android can do.

3. The iPad Mini comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.  The Nexus 7 so far only comes in 8GB and 16GB.  A 16GB iPad Mini will cost you $330 while a 16GB Nexus 7 will cost you $250.  That's $80 cheaper.

Some people may say it's not fair to compare pricing of a 8GB device to a 16GB device.  I say screw it.  There is a lot of people out there who just want a device for some light reading, checking web pages, youtube videos, emails, simple stuff.  These people don't need a lot of room on their devices.  So it's not my fault if Apple doesn't offer a 8GB version.

So lets say you ARE looking for just a tablet that you can use for some simple stuff and you have no need of a lot of storage room.  In this case you can get the $330 16GB iPad Mini or the $199 8GB Nexus 7.  now it's a $130 difference.  For Another $80 you could get a second Nexus 7.

I will not deny that the iPad has better Tablet apps, I've said that many times.  But as Android tablets get more popularity, this will continue to change.  But I wont lie, it's upsetting at times.  I always use Facebook as an example, the iPad application is so great and the Android one is just horrible.   Supposedly Facebook is working on a complete change of the app, but I don't know if that includes a Tablet mode or not.

I have to say the people I do feel kind of bad for are those who recently bought an iPod Touch for $300 because they just wanted to do simple things online but couldn't afford the iPad.  For $30 more they could have just bought the iPad Mini.  I honestly do hope Apple allows these people to exchange.

Javier Torres

Friday, September 21, 2012

iPhone 5 Day!

Today is the day that so many people wait for every year, the day that they are able to get their iPhone 5.  Or at least that's the way it's supposed to be, however unless you are rich or unemployed your chances of getting an iPhone 5 today are rather slim. Today is really the day that I have to ask myself "What the hell is going on here??"


When Apple announces their new devices, they start taking pre-orders right away.  People that know they want the device so they pay ahead of time for it.  So by the time the device comes out, Apple has already sold Millions of the devices.  However on iPhone release day, those people are not all getting their phones.  I have a friend who pre-ordered but is not getting a phone until October 5th.


Each year you have people lining up in front of Apple stores all over America for a chance at the phone.  I can understand lining up a few hours before the store opens.  I've done it, it was rather fun to hang out for a few hours with a bunch of people that had the same interest as me.  But this is getting out of control, you have people camping outside the store for a full week.  So either these people don't have a job or they felt they needed the iPhone so bad that they took a week of vacation to camp out in front of an Apple store.  That could certainly be a vacation they'll never forget.


A lot of the people who camp out for the iPhone 5 don't even really care about the iPhone 5.  Like I said, many of them are jobless, so they just want to try and sell it to make a quick profit.  So, if you have enough money (and I guess I really shouldn't say rich) you can go on Craigslist today and get your iPhone 5 for a lot more than what it's worth.  The cheapest iPhone 5 will most probably be going online for around $1000.


The thing that really bothers me about these lines is the use of human lives as tools.  Some companies are paying people to stand in line to basically be a billboard for their company.  Other people are hiring homeless people to stand in line for them.  Some people are hiring a lot of people just so they can buy multiple devices to sell for profit.

I want you to look at the video below and look at the woman in it.  It'll show you the kind of people that are hiring humans to just go and stand in line for them:

Notice how this woman is just sick.  She has absolutely no reasoning as to why she wants that phone, she just has to have it.  Sadly a lot of people do this, they have to have it regardless of it being basically exactly like the one they already have or not.  This is the cult that Apple has created and the one that has made Apple the largest company ever.  

Final Thoughts: 

I do wonder however, why does Apple allow these lines to form in order to sell the phones in their stores on a specific date when they can't even meet the demand of their loyal (but not mental enough to deal with all this crap) fans who pre-ordered?

Imagine if you bought something from me, lets say a doughnut and I told you that you'll have to wait for your doughnut because I'm out.  However, right in front of you other people are coming up to me and asking for a doughnut and I'm actually giving them one.  This is exactly what they are doing in my opinion.  They've already got your money They know the chances of you canceling are rather slim because they know you want that phone, so they'll just make you wait and see how much more money they can get out of people.

In the meantime I sit at home happy with my Galaxy S3.  Which may not be as good looking as the iPhone 5, but it sure has a lot more usability and personally I find it to look quite nice.  The look of the phone is rather useless, we usually end up putting it inside some case anyway.

Javier Torres

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The iPhone 5

Today was the big day that so many were waiting for, the day when Apple announces the new iPhone and announce it they did.  Now it's time for me to tell you what I think about it.  I will try to be as unbiased as possible in my writing.  I like to say my issues with Apple are with the company and how they run certain things, not with the devices.  So here is the iPhone 5.

The Look:

For the first time ever, the iPhone has a larger screen.  It's not any wider, it's just taller.  I honestly can't say how that feels in the hand because I haven't tried one, but I can say tha tin some pictures it looks fine, in others it looks a little weird.

With the longer screen comes a larger screen resolution.  However, it will look exactly like the iPhone 4s and the 4 before it because it has the same pixels per inch.  The resolution is actually lower than a lot of the phones the competition has, but since the screen is smaller, it still looks impressive.

One thing that will be annoying with the new screen at first is that apps that are not made for the longer screen will show up with black bars on the top and bottom.  Since the screen is not wider, they can't just zoom the app.

It is the thinnest iPhone they've ever made and one of the thinnest phones ever made, although not quite the thinnest.

To me the overall design looks just like the iPhone 4 and 4S.  But I'm sure that when you hold it and inspect it you will notice a big difference.

The Body is made of aluminum and the front is all Glass.  I do think the black one looks absolutely beautiful and I think this phone will bring the black iPhone back in style.  I can't remember the last time I saw one.

The Connector:

I wanted to mention this one before I forget.  Here is the new Lighting connector:

I guess they came up with Thunderbolt before so now they wanted Lighting?  Probably should have gone the other way around but whatever.

I love this connector, I really do, it's nice and small and best of all, it doesn't matter how you plug it in, it'll work.  What I don't love is the fact that it's on the iPhone.  Now, I'm not saying that as an Apple hater, I'm saying it as a consumer.  There are SOOOOOO many products out there with iPod connectors and now just like that they've become somewhat useless.  Now you have to go buy new ones.

I don't think the 30 pin connector we are used to were a big problem.  They are certainly thin enough that they would have worked fine on this iPhone.  With that said, i can understand why Apple wouldn't want to be forced to use that connector all the time simply because of all the products out there.  I mean, if you have a good idea then go for it.  But it certainly will be inconvenient for a lot.

The "Good" news is that you may not be completely screwed.  If you have a device that uses the old 30 pin connector, you can get one of these:

This connects to your 30 pin device and then you can connect your iPhone to it.  This will be great for some devices, but I can certainly see this being completely useless on a lot of iPod stereo systems. But to be fair, it's probably time you upgrade to a bluetooth stereo system anyway.

This Adapter by the way will cost you $29.00

The Camera: 

The Camera on the iPhone 5 is . . . . well. . . the same.  I was rather disappointed with this one.  Normally Apple seems to put a lot of work into that.  Technically this camera is different, it's smaller and supposedly better glass and better image stabilization.  But really it's still the same 8MP Camera from the 4S.  Which don't get me wrong, it's still the best camera on a cell phone out there, except for maybe the Lumia 920.

The Front facing camera did get an upgrade and it is now a 720P camera so you can do HD Facetime chats.

The Rear camera can now also take pictures while recording video and it has a panorama mode.  Both things the competition already does but it's certainly good to have those options.  Although honestly they are both rather useless, at least to me, only time I use landscape is when I'm on vacation.  But again, that's just me.

The camera is supposed to be 40% faster, but I believe that's just due to the faster processor.  Honestly I don't know if things like taking pictures while recording and panorama are iPhone 5 things or iOS 6 things.

The CPU:

The iPhone 5 uses the A6 CPU.  It's supposed to be 2 times faster than the A5 in performance and video.  Not totally sure how it compares to the A5X on the iPad.  Not much I can say about this till it's been tested out more.


Yes, the new iPhone 5 will have LTE.  Which will be awesome and all iPhone owners will finally understand why their Android loving friends have been talking about it for years now.


The Battery life on the new iPhone is supposed to be as good as always even with LTE.  That's the thing about Apple, we Android fans have been enjoying the beauty of LTE for years but we've been paying for it with very horrible battery life.  Now things are a point where LTE doesn't affect battery life as much, so now Apple comes into the market.

iOS 6?  

Nothing new to iOS 6.  Nothing really worth mentioning anyway.  You already know there will not be any Google Maps on it, but it will have Apple's own mapping service that will provide turn by turn directions.  It will not come with a Youtube app but Google has already made a new iOS youtube app so that shouldn't be an issue either.

What do I hate? 

You know I have to talk about the things I dislike about this phone.  First thing I really dislike is the name.  Where is the 5 coming from?  It's not the 5th iPhone, it's the 6th.  It's not running on some 5G network because there is no such thing right now.  It's not the 5th design of it either, there was the original, then the 3G looked different and then the 3GS looked just like the 3G and then the 4 came out and that looked different but then the 4S looked just like the 4.  So if we were going by design this would be the 4th.  Basically the name makes no sense.

That's really the only thing I would say I just hate.  Other than that in my opinion the phone is a very nice phone.  I'm sure it looks absolutely beautiful in person.  I'm just very sad that it still has the same old iOS that I'm so bored with.  I also feel like aside from the new larger screen and possibly nicer looks, there really wasn't anything that made this phone stand out.  It's almost like the iPhone 4 was perfect for Apple and they decided from there on they'd just slowly fix little issues here and there.

I mean, come on, they had a whole year to come up with something cool and new.  Even for the iPhone 4s you had Siri, it wasn't what any of us was really expecting but at least it was something.  What did they do all year besides find ways to sue everyone?  Samsung may miss a lot of hits but at least they are swinging.  There are a LOT of cool little things about the S3 that I love and the Stylus on the Note keeps getting better.  They didn't get all their ideas from Apple, they are coming up with new things as well.

Maybe that's Apples thing, in order to keep Samsung and others from copying their ideas, they'll just not make anything new!  It's . . . . Magical!!

Should you get it? 

Well, a lot of you will get this phone simply because it's the newest iPhone.  I don't blame you, I'm the same way.  But for those of you who want to put a little more thought into it, think about this.  There is absolutely nothing that this phone can do that the 4S with iOS 6 wont be able to do.  Unless I'm mistaken and Panorama and picture while video recording end up being an iPhone 5 only thing.  Other than that, there is nothing.  Will it be faster?  Sure, but can you honestly say the iPhone 4S is slow?

So, think about it.  The way these networks keep trying to charge us more each year while at the same time giving us less, maybe signing another 2 year contract for this phone may not be worth it.

Would I get it? 

If I was into iPhones and I had an upgrade coming and i could afford it, hek yea I'd get it, but I'm sick in my head and I have some  weird technology obsession!  Now if you ask me "Do you wish you could get it?"  the answer is no.  I got me a Galaxy S III this week and all bias aside there is no way I would trade that phone for an iPhone 5.  But that's me.

Ok I've wasted enough of your time,  Thank You for reading, please make sure to leave your comments here, Google +, Facebook or Twitter.


Javier Torres

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Kindle Fire Tablets

I'm always getting asked "What Tablet should I get?".  A few months ago the answer for me was simple, "If you just want to do basic things like web browsing, email, some videos, read some books get a Kindle Fire.  If you want to watch a lot of movies or play a lot of games and use all kinds of apps, then get an iPad".

The iPad is a great tablet, but it really is a lot more than what a lot of people need.  I don't like it when I see people that can't really afford an ipad getting one simply because they didn't know there were options.

The Kindle Fire was a great little tablet (7 Inches) for a much more affordable price of $200.

Then the Nexus 7 came out and for the same $200 it gave you so much more with it's quad core Tegra 3 Processor, but I still really wouldn't recommend that size if you want to watch a LOT of videos and I still can't recommend any Android tablet for a lot of gaming.  Don't get me wrong, the Gaming world on Android is getting much better and the Nexus 7 can easily go head to head against the New iPad as far as Graphics, but the selection is still going to be weaker on Android, at least for now.

Earlier this week Amazon announced their new upgraded Kindle Fire and it's actually 3 new Tablets!

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is basically the old Kindle Fire but they made it 40% faster and best of all, they made it cheaper,  it's now $160 for the 8GB tablet.  Honestly, I'd still pay the extra $40 and go with a Nexus 7 if at all possible.  Even with the speed boost, it just doesn't compare.

Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is also a 7 inch tablet but the specs on this one are much nicer.  It comes with a 1280X800 resolution which is the same as the Nexus 7 and higher than the original Fire (1024X600). It has a Dual Core processor but this processor should be just as good if not better than the Quad Core Tegra 3 processor.  It also has Stereo speakers.  It has Dual Antennae which means it will be able to download from the same network faster.  It also contains an HD Front facing camera.  I don't know the megapixels of it, they just call it HD.  No rear camera but at least you'll be able to use it for Skype calls.

The Fire HD comes in two versions, a 16GB and a 32GB.  It does not have an SD Card slot so you can't really expand on that.  Neither does the Nexus 7.  The Fire HD sells for $200 for the 16GB version and $250 for the 32GB version.

This one makes things more difficult for the Nexus 7.  As far as Specs go, these two tablets are very similar. The fact that the Fire HD starts at $200 for the 16GB kind of makes it a better deal because the Nexus 7 is $250 for 16GB.  Also the Fire HD has a 32GB Available while the Nexus 7 only goes up to 16GB.

On the other hand, the Google Nexus 7 is pure Android the way Google meant it to be.  It brings Jelly Bean with Project Butter which makes the tablet super smooth.  It also has Google Now which I must admit I've come to depend on for certain things.  The Kindle Fire (All of them) run a highly modified version of Android.  I've said before that when you use a Kindle Fire you should just pretend that you don't have an Android tablet because Amazon has gone through a lot of trouble to make it look that way.

This one will completely depend on you.  If you want a full Android experience then go with a Nexus 7.  If you want a something more like iOS where you are limited to what seems to work the best then the Amazon Kindle Fire HD may be the way to go.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9"

Ok, this one looks a lot like the Kindle Fire HD because it kind of is very much alike.  But there are a few things that must be talked about.  The Kindle Fire HD is a 7 Inch tablet, this one is a 8.9 inch tablet.  So it's a  bit larger than a 7 inch tablet but a little bit smaller than the 9.7 inch iPad.

This version of the Kindle Fire HD also comes with a 1920 X 1200 resolution.  Not quite as nice as the new iPads 2048 X 1536  but it's still larger than the 1920 X 1080 that most HD TVs are.  It comes in a 16GB and a 32GB version as well.

The 16GB version goes for $300 while the 32GB version goes for $370. . . Not sure why it's not $350.

Now we are reaching the $300 price tag which I'm not too comfortable with, although the device you get is certainly worth the $300.  Not sure I'd spend $70 on the extra 16GB.  Some people feel the 7 inch factor is too small while the 10 inch factor is too big so maybe a 8.9 inch tablet will be worth it for these people.

Personally, I still think the Nexus 7 is the best buy, but that's just a very personal opinion based on my love for the Nexus brand.

I hope that if you have been looking for a cheaper tablet this has helped you out.  If you are still not totally sure, you should probably wait a month or two and see if anything happens with the rumors of an ipad Mini.  I have no idea if that will really happen and if it does I have no idea what the specs or price will be like, so I can't tell you to wait for it,  but I figured you should at least know that there is a possibility.  Of course as soon as any info is known for sure I will let you all know.


Javier Torres

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My views on the Apple vs Samsung verdict

I decided now that the Jury has given the decision on the Apple vs Samsung case, I'd go ahead and give my opinion on this mess.  But first a little explanation of what is the case for those who may not know about it.

Basically Apple was suing Samsung because, according to Apple, samsung had been copying their mobile operating system.  Samsung says they were not copying Apple, they were simply giving customers what they wanted.

The jury decided that Samsung had indeed been trying to copy Apple and Samsung must now pay Apple 1.5 Billion dollars.  Apple was originally looking for 2.5Billion.  The Judge could however penalize Samsung for up to 3.5 Billion, we still don't know what the Judge will order Samsung to pay.

Right now Samsung is the largest cell phone manufactuer in the world, that used to be Apples title. Paying 1 Billion (or a thousand Million dollars if you want to use the old system) to become the number 1 cell phone manufacturer may just be worth it.

Do I think Samsung copied Apple?  

In a way, the answer woud be YES.  Hell yes they did.  If you look at their earlier phones you can just tell how much they wanted to make the Android operating system look like Apple's.  In a way it's almost insulting to Android.  Android is a great OS without having to be so modified.  The reason Samsung modifies Android so much is also the main reason why they are HORRIBLE at providing updates to older phones.  Then there is that stupid home button on their phones, there is absolutely no need for that button to be there.  Android does not need a physical home button anymore!

So am I glad Apple won? 

Not even close!

You see, a lot of the patents Apple was fighting for are things that they should not have patents for.  Things like "Pinch to zoom".  This is not something they invented, it's just a normal human action to try and make something bigger.  You stretch things or squeeze them.  Apple purchased the company that had developed the technology and right away wanted to patent it so that they could try and keep it to themselves.

They were also saying that a rectangular phone with curved corners is their patent.  Or square colorful icons.  Even the way that when you reach the end of the page, there is a little bounce to the page.

Apple has been going around patenting all this stupid stuff and somehow they actually get the patents.  This would be fine if they did like basically every other company out there does and they'd license the patents for a reasonable price, but noooo, they just don't want anyone using them.


Even though I hate how Samsung makes Android look so "iOS'ish" I can understand why they do it.  The iPhone is a phone that sells rather well, it is common business to look at what other companies are doing and try to do something similar.

iOS may be great for a lot of people, but it is also extremely closed for others.  A lot of people would much rather have the look of iOS with the functionality of Android and since Apple was just plain not giving people that functionality, that freedom, then Samsung decided to provide to people what they wanted.  And people liked it, and that's why they became the number 1 manufacturer.

So as much as I do dislike some of their design options, I do aprove of the way they are trying to give people what they want.  I also must say I really like the way their newest Samsung Galaxy SIII phone looks.


I don't see Apple really playing fair here.  Yes, they own these patents, but they are acting like little kids, "MINE!".  I could understand if they were hurting, but they are now the biggest company EVER!  They are not hurting, not even one bit.  They are worth over $600 Billion dollars.  Even if Samsung has to pay them 3 Billion, that is nothing compared to what they have.  Yet they are taking everyone to court all the time.  It is predicted that soon they'll have 1 Trillion dollars and they are still crying about how much money is being "stolen" from them.

The Trial 

The Trial by the way happened in California, which is where Apple is from.  The Jury was composed of people from the area where Apple is from.  So, I don't see how that is very fair.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on your win Apple.  Uness you change some business practices, I am never buying another Apple product again.  I just hope that the attention this trial got helped some people realize just how full of yourselves you are.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Update: She Won! Miss Teen Photogenic Puerto Rico Pensylvania!

Update:  Yesterday while representing the beautiful city of San Lorenzo my beautiful niece Yanira Torres won the title of Miss Teen Puerto Rico at the Miss Puerto Rico Pennsylvania pageant!  Congratulations to her!  Love you very much Yanira!

I don't usually like asking people to vote for things, but every once in a while I'll find something or someone just special enough.  In this case that someone is my beautiful niece Yanira Torres who is participating in the 
Miss Puerto Rico Pennsylvania Pageant 2012!

So if you all have the time I'd really appreciate it if you go on over to this link and vote for Yanira Torres. She's in the Miss Teen photogenic Section and she's representing the beautiful city of San Lorenzo! 

Thank You!

Javier Torres

AT&T Screwing the iPhone and more!

Once again I have not written anything in a while because there just hasn’t been all that much new that has really interested me.  There is a new Plan from T-Mobile that will allow truly unlimited data (as in not throttling you after X GB) but you cannot Tether with this plan.  I will talk more about this when I get more info about it. 

What I really want to talk about Today is the fact that AT&T once again feels like they can just do whatever they want and customers will just simply take it.  Sadly they are right, people probably WILL take it, but I want to tell you why you  may want to reconsider just taking it.

Remember how Verizon had switched their plans to a Share Everything plan where the only choice was the Share everything plan (if you were new)?  Then remember how AT&T came out with their Mobile Share plans but they were all like “This is only for those who want it”?   Remember how these plans could save you a couple of bucks (literally in most cases just $10 to $20) if you were a family and had a bunch of phones but if you were an individual it was going to cost you quite a bit more? 

For individuals, the AT&T route was nicer because they were able to continue with their normal plans and not have anything change. 

Now, remember how a few months ago Apple unveiled the new iPad and talked about iOS 6?  One of the cool new features was going to be FACETIME over Mobile networks.  Up till now if you wanted to use the application you had to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.  The idea of being able to use Facetime anywhere is certainly a pleasing one, especially now that it’s pretty much a for sure thing that the new iPhone will have 4GLTE. 

So now AT&T has decided that they don’t want you to use Facetime over their network unless you switch to a Mobile Share plan.  So in a way they are doing the same thing as Verizon.  While Verizon says “If you want a new phone without paying full price, you’ll have to switch” AT&T is saying “You’ll have to switch if you want facetime over our network”.

I also MUST point out that Verizon has been very quiet about this, so we don’t know exactly what their plan is. 

So you may think “Who cares, they are both doing the same thing!” but that’s where I have a real problem.  They are not.  I find what AT&T is doing a lot more dangerous.  They are saying that Facetime over their network would consume too much data and therefore only those that are paying quite a bit extra for data should be able to use it. 

So right now it’s Facetime,  what will it be tomorrow?  Skype? You Tube?  Netflix? Pandora?  This direction is Very scary when you start thinking about all the things they could decide to charge more for.  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spotify is now like Pandora, Mountain Lion and stuff I don't care about

As you guys know I tend to only write when Inspiration hits.  Sadly lately there hasn’t been anything I’ve been inspired to write about.  I’ve been busy doing some other work and I’ve also been getting more into Photography but also there just hasn’t been that much going on in the world of Technology which is what I tend to talk about the most.  I’ve been reading a TON of rumors about the new iPhone but I hate reporting on that since they are just rumors.  

The new Mountain Lion update came out for Macs but I haven’t noticed anything super special about that.  It’s kind of nice that you can Tweet so easily now but tweeting from a computer was never a big difficulty for me.  Being able to send messages to iPhones and iPads using the Messenger app is nice, but it would be a lot nicer if I could text anyone using that.  But if your friends have iPhones it’s certainly nice to have.  The Airplay Mirroring part sounded like it would be great, being able to mirror the display of the computer using an Apple TV “Wirelessly”.  I say sounded like it would be great because I can’t use it because my Mac is not newer than 2011.  Funny how they advertise the hell out of that feature but they don’t mention how you must have the very latest equipment in order to use it.  I haven’t really tried the speech recognition because I’ve never really cared for any of that.  But honestly, for the $20 it costs, I think the update is certainly worth it.

One of the things that has happened and this is what inspired me to write something today, the Spotify App for Android now has a Pandora-like Radio feature.  I’ve been paying for Spotify for a while because I honestly think it’s worth the $10 a month, but I’ve always hated the fact that it is in no way a tool to find music you didn’t know about, it was a tool to play music you already knew about.  But as of today, Android users will finally be able to use the app to find music the same way they do with Pandora.  Just like Pandora the App has thumbs up and down options to let them know you like a song or want to skip it. 

When you search for an Artist  you can create the station but it also gives you a list of their albums so that you can just listen to those if you want. If you are listening to an artist already and you are kind of tired of listening to the same artist but want to continue listening to the same style you can quickly create a station from that artist.  I certainly see Spotify  becoming a real threat to Pandora since many times I’ve been listening to Pandora and I hear a song from an artist which makes me want to continue listening to the same singer.  So then I usually just look the person up in Spotify, so a lot of people may no longer see the need to use Pandora.

Just like Pandora, Spotify will play commercials if you are using the free application but if you are like me and find that paying $10 a month for the service is certainly worth it, then you will not have to listen to any commercials.

That’s about all I’ve found worth writing about.  I did watch the Batman movie, but since I’m not a huge batman fan I rated it just a 3 out of 5 for me.  Honestly part of what I do like about Batman is all his gadgets and there just wasn’t much new here.  Maybe I’ll write more about it later, but for now I’ll just let the fans have their fun. 

I also did not really talk about the Colorado shooting.  Look, it’s sad, it is, but it’s nothing new.  Sadly we should be getting used to this stuff by now.  Why the guy did it?  I don’t care.  Finding why he did it will not bring back any of those people back.  It will not change the fact that so many will have to say they lost their loved ones because they went to watch a movie.  It will not change the fact that now a lot of different people and groups will use this moment as a way to push their agendas.  I can only imagine how the families of the ones that died feel and they have my sincere Condolences, but talking about the guy and trying so hard to figure out what he’s thinking is of no use.  He’s either crazy or just smart and evil or just plain stupid.

Javier Torres

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AT&T Shared Data Plans

Ok AT&T is going to be starting their Shared Data Plans Late August, so here is some info on that. 

The biggest difference from Verizon right up front is that AT&T will NOT require people to use these plans.  So it kind of makes more of a mess because now people will have the Individual plans or the family plans or the shared family plans.  So if you are just looking to set up a regular dumb phone with unlimited talk and text, you are not forced to add a data package to it that you will never use, but you still have to go with a regular Individual plan and Pay $70 which costs the exact same as a Verizon $30 for the phone and $40 for the data you’ll never use.

As you can see the AT&T prices are kind of all over the place.  If you just want 2GB which on Verizon would cost you $60 then you are kind of out of luck because they don’t seem to offer it.  The 6GB on Verizon would cost you $80 + $40 for the smartphone but AT&T would be $90 + $35.

That brings me to another big difference.  Verizon Kept their prices for additional things quite simple.  Smartphone = $40, Basic Phone $30, hotspot device $20 and Tablets $10

For smartphones AT&T will change the price depending on how much data you are buying.  So if you use less data, then it costs more to have your Unlimited Minutes and Unlimited Texting phone.  However, if you use more data, then it costs them less to provide you with the exact same service.

If you already have the plan and would like to add a Basic phone to it, that’s still going to be $30 just like Verizon.  Hotspots are also going to be $20 and Tablets will also be the same $10.

Just like Verizon you will be able to have up to 10 devices connected to the account, but one of those HAS to be a smartphone.

I know with Verizon you are able to switch your data plan in the middle of the month if you feel you will need more data that month.  I don’t know if AT&T will allow this.  I do know that if  you are close to going over your Data usage you will get a message letting you know and if you actually go over, you will be charged $15 for each GB.  Which is exactly what Verizon does, so I hope they also allow you to switch.

I also honestly hope that the prices they show here are really just their way of making the list shorter and that they will allow people to get 2GB and 8GB plans.

Javier Torres

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Logitech Tablet Keyboard

I could probably get more people to come to my Blog if I would write about what the iPhone 5 will be like or when the new iPad Mini will be out.  But neither of those products are real.  I'm sure there will be a new iPhone later this year, there always is.  I don't think it'll be called iPhone 5 but that's a whole other story.  The iPad Mini is 100% pure speculation.  

My main idea with this Blog is to educate so even though from time to time I may indulge a little bit in rumors I like to stick to reality.  That's why today I'd like to talk about an accessory.  Now I don't normally write about accessories because they are not that much fun, but they are certainly important so you guys let me know if I should include them more often.  

The Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

The first thing I'll say about this is that I hate the fact that they make it sound like it's just for iPad,  it's a Bluetooth keyboard that can be used on many different devices.  But like I mentioned before, just saying iPad brings in more customers.

I was looking for a good portable keyboard that I could use for my iPad.  I wanted something like the Apple wireless keyboard.  I actually was going to buy the Apple wireless keyboard until I saw this one. I wanted a wireless keyboard for sure, I didn't want the Apple iPad keyboard because sometimes I want to use it in portrait mode and other times in landscape and other time I just wanted to be able to have the ipad further away from the keyboard.

This one caught my attention because it was on sale at the time for $49.99 (Normally it's $69.99).  But also because my plan was to carry it in my gadgets bag so the fact that it had a hard cover to protect it was a big bonus.

The keyboard slides in and out of the cover without any issues and it protects it from having the keys pressed accidentally.  It also has an actual on and off sliding switch.  The Apple wireless keyboard has a power button but it's very easy to press it, which made me think it would spend a lot of time being turned on in my bag.

The keyboard itself is just your average sized keyboard.  It feels perfectly fine when typing, I feel I could certainly use it to type for a very long time.  It also does have some functions that work great with the ipad, things to turn volume up and down or brightness up or down, start music playback, forward, back, start a picture slideshow or simply lock or unlock the iPad.

So I guess I can understand why they say it's for iPad, but still think it may confuse people who could certainly benefit from it.

I also enjoy the overall style of it.  It's just a nice looking keyboard.  I like the white line that goes around 3 of the sides.

The keys themselves are chiclet keys just like the Apple Keyboard.  They feel nice and certainly allow you to type as fast as you would on any regular keyboard.  As I mentioned the size does not really get in the way much.  It really is only a tiny bit smaller than a regular keyboard.

The cover of this keyboard is not just a cover that you have to put aside, they decided to also give it a use.  When closed it is held together with magnets, you can easily open it up and reveal this blue interior that keeps the keyboard safe and clean.

You can also use this part in the cover to attach it to one of the sides of the cover in order to create a stand.

So now you have a place to put your iPad in portrait or landscape mode!

If I was to compare just the keyboard to the Apple wireless keyboard I'd say the Apple one is probably better simply because it feels like better quality.  If I bend this one a bit you can hear some noises that make it feel a little bit cheap.  But then why would you be going around bending your keyboard?

However, if you are going to be using it on the go like me, I'd certainly recommend this keyboard over the Apple one simply because of the cover and the control keys that can certainly be useful.  Being able to convert the cover into a stand can certainly come in handy as well.  I have a smart cover but when I'm going to be doing thing where I know I'll want the iPad to stand but I'll be touching it a lot too I would much rather use the cover stand.  The smart cover always ends up coming off if I at some point push too hard when selecting something.

The Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad costs $69.99 at places like Best Buy but currently I see it in Amazon for $47.49, personally I hate the idea of paying $70 for a keyboard so I'd go with Amazon if at all possible.

Also remember to pick up 4 AAA batteries.  Supposedly those 4 will last 10 months, I honestly haven't been able to test it for that long, but I've had mine for about 3 months now and so far it's still going strong.

Javier Torres

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Google +, Samsung vs Apple, iPad Mini

For a few days I’ve been kind of waiting for something exciting to talk about but nothing really has come my way.  It’s been quite boring.  We’ve had some interesting things happening but nothing too exciting.  But I figured I’d at least make a post with some of this information just to keep you all updated. 

Google +

Google + has today released their new iPhone and iPad app!  This is the first  time that Google + has come to the bigger iPad screen.  Up until now if you wanted Google + on your iPad you had to either check the website or use the iPhone app on it which of course didn’t look very good.  The new iPhone/iPad app looks on the iPad very much the same as it does on the iPhone but instead of having 1 row of information the iPad one has 2 rows.  You can scroll up or down if you are in portrait mode or left and right if you are in landscape. 

The app looks great and feels great most of the time.  I did get some skipping but it could have been from the fact that I was tethering form my phone.  I did also get it to just close on me once, so I hope that doesn’t happen much.  Another thing I like about the new App is that you can start hangouts with people right on your iPhone or your iPad.  Being able to use Google + on the iPad should help the social network grow some more.

Samsung vs iOS

Ok, so in the US Apple managed to get a Judge to Ban the sell of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet because it supposedly looks too much like an iPad.  Not a huge deal for Samsung since they are already selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.  Apple also managed to get a ban on the Galaxy Nexus going on, however this one was lifted after a couple of days and Google already says they have fixed the infringement in their newest version of Android known as Jelly Bean.  The issue with the Nexus according to Apple is that they search multiple places at the same time using the same method that Apple does with Siri.  The Galaxy Nexus was taken down from the Google Play store for a few days but it almost worked out great for Google, got more people informed about the fact that the Google Play store does sell such a phone for $350.

Samsung Not as Cool as Apple

The USA is not the only place where Apple has been trying to ban Samsungs Toys.  In the UK they also tried to ban the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 however things turned out differently there when the judge basically said the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not as sleek as a device as the iPad and therefore would not get confused for an ipad.  Almost sounds like an insult, but honestly it’s true.  Apple has always put a lot of quality components into what they make and a lot of thought into making them feel almost luxurious.  Most of Samsungs devices use plastic and don’t weigh all that much, they have a cheaper feeling.  So you’d have to be pretty blind to not notice the difference.

iPad Mini

The rumors of the iPad Mini becoming a reality are stronger than ever.  I even had a friend asking me if he should get a Nexus 7 or wait for the iPad Mini.  Had to explain to him that even though websites say “The iPad Mini will have this and that” it doesn’t mean the iPad Mini is a real thing.  It is still just speculation.  There are many reasons why it would benefit Apple to make one, but there are also many reasons why it wouldn’t.  For example, a LOT of people buy iPads because they think there is nothing better.  So if those people started buying cheaper iPad Minis instead, that’s a lot of money they could lose.  At the same time there is a LOT of people buying those cheaper Kindle Fires and now Nexus 7s.  So getting those people they could certainly make up for the money they lose.  Also, how cheap could an iPad mini be?  The iPod Touch costs more than the Nexus 7.

Well, that is all I have today, you all take care!

Javier Torres

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nexus 7 Tablet

On Wednesday June 27th 2012 Google made some big announcements on it's Google IO, a conference for developers.  This is where they usually show the newest info about Android and every now and then you see some new hardware.  This year they did announce the new version of Android, version 4.1 code named "Jelly Bean".  It will be available in mid June for some Nexus devices.  But that's not what I want to talk about today, I would like to talk about the Nexus 7 tablet!

So what is it? 

Well aside from the fact that it's a 7 inch tablet, it is the first NEXUS tablet ever.  NEXUS again being devices that are made for Google and that come with 100% pure unaltered Android.  So basically Google is not crazy about the fact that so many companies use Android but they always change it to look like something else.  So Google now gets their own devices to show off what Android is really supposed to look and feel like.  

What we have here is a 7 inch tablet with a screen resolution of 1280X800, a Quad Core Tegra 3 processor, GPS, NFC, a battery that should last 9 hours for video and over 300 hours of standby, a front facing camera for video chat (no rear camera) and a lot more.  

How much? 

The Nexus 7 comes in 2 different models.  A 8GB model (8GB of space for storage) or a 16GB model.  The cost of the 8GB model is $199 while the 16GB is $249!  

This makes the Nexus 7 the main competitor of the Kindle Fire which also costs $200 but has a LOT less power than the Nexus 7.  

I'm not going to go into details about how the Nexus 7 is more powerful than the Kindle Fire but I will say that I used to ALWAYS recommend the Kindle Fire to people who were looking for a simple Tablet because it was so cheap.  Well now I'll be recommending the Nexus 7 to even people who are looking for more than just a simple tablet because it really is more.  The Tegra 3 processor is the exact same processor you find on a lot of the new much more expensive tablets like the Asus Transformer Prime.  It was actually built by ASUS for Google.  

You can preorder the Nexus 7 today via the Google Play Store and it will start shipping in mid July.  It WILL ship running Android 4.1 AKA Jelly Bean.  So if you are looking for a 7 inch tablet that will run anything on the APP Store with ease, this is the one you want.  Movies, Music, Books, Games, Web Browsing, Emails, Maps, Video Chat and so much more, all right there on your hands.  

For those of you who DO enjoy some specs, I guess I'll take the time and compare it to the Kindle Fire, I'll just mention the main differences though. 

Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire 

Display Resolution:  

Kindle Fire: 1024 X 600 (170 DPI)
Nexus 7: 1280X800 (216 DPI) 


Kindle Fire: 1Ghz DUAL Core Processor
Nexus 7: 1.3Ghz QUAD Core Processor


Kindle Fire: 512MB of Ram
Nexus 7: 1GB of Ram

Front Facing Camera: 

Kindle Fire: None
Nexus 7: 1.2MegaPixels

Now, you do need to keep in mind that the Nexus 7 is new while rumors of a new Kindle Fire have already been heard.  So Amazon could surprise us any day with news of a much better Fire, no way to know right now.  Also the Amazon kindle has a very impressive selection of media, while the Google Play Store is getting much stronger in the media department, it is still lacking compared to Amazon.  

Javier Torres

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Prepaid Cell Phone Service might be better for you!

There was a time when having a prepaid cell phone meant your credit was too messed up to get service at one of the larger providers.  However, things are changing and more and more people want to be in control of their cell phone provider, not the other way around.

What if I told you that you could have a plan with Unlimited Talking, Unlimited Texting and 2GB of data for just $45 a month?  Or if you are like me and you don't talk on the phone much, a plan with 100 Minutes of talk time, unlimited texting and 5GB of fast 4G connection for $30 a month?

You would probably think these are some seriously crappy services.  Well, they are not!  The $45 a month plan is from Simple Mobile, a company that uses the T-Mobile and AT&T towers.  The $30 a month plan is straight from T-Mobile.

I first got the idea from the Galaxy Nexus section over at the XDA forums.  But before I continue let me explain a little something.

In the USA we have 2 types of cell phone providers.  CDMA type, these are the ones that require an EIN number from your phone in order to work, providers like Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular.  Then we have GSM, these are the ones that use a SIM Card that you can switch from phone to phone, in the US the GSM providers are T-Mobile and AT&T.  The CDMA technology however is dying, the rest of the world uses GSM.  For some reason here we have stuck with it.

OK now, the idea of switching to prepaid is to be in complete control of your plan and to also save a lot of money.  If I want to try T-Mobile today I can do that, if I want to try Simple Mobile next month, I can do that, if I want to use H20 the one after I can do that too.  I use whatever service I want.

What do you need? 

Well first of all you need a phone that is 100% yours.  When I say 100% yours I mean an unlocked phone.  Normally carriers lock their phones so that they can only work with that carrier.  Probably one of the main reasons why we still use CDMA here, control.  It is also the reason why you can't put a T-Mobile sim card in an AT&T iPhone and have it just work.

Getting an Unlocked smart phone tends to cost a lot of money.  I'm talking $600-$800.  A difficult price to just pay up, but you can make up the price of the phone and more in the savings.  Now it's even easier, you can actually get an unlocked GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone for $400 straight from Google by going to the Google Play Store!

Once you have your phone, you need phone service.   The same day you order your phone you should go online and order yourself some Sim cards.  T-Mobile was selling them for 99 cents.  You can find a lot of other ones right on for also around 99 cents.

SIM Cards usually come with instructions on how to activate them, so just do that and you are all set!  Try out some plans and see how you feel about them.

Google Voice

Since you may end up switching sim cards a lot till you find the service that works best for you, I'd use Google Voice as my main number.  People can call it and it will call you.  It's great for text messaging as well but it wont do Picture messaging.  You'd have to give your contact your current phone number for that, or ask them to email you pictures.  I just did a post about Google Voice recently so check that for more info about it.


Ok, so lets say you just spent $400 on a Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Now you feel you've wasted a lot of money instead of saving money.  But let me explain the savings.

Normally when you do a contract you end up paying $200 for a phone that you could have bought for $700.    But then you are stuck on a 2 year contract.

Lets say you just wanted a simple plan where you can have around 500 minutes of talk, unlimited texting and 2GB of data.

US Cellular: $75
Verizon: $90
AT&T: $90
Sprint: $70
T-Mobile: $80

Lets say the average is around $80/month

Prepaid: $45/month X 24Months = $1080
Contract: $80/month X 24Months = $1920

You are paying $840 dollars more using a contract. Add to that the $200 that you already paid for the phone that you can ONLY use with them, and you've paid $1040 for a phone that can only be used with that one provider.


Here in the US the large providers are all constantly looking for ways to get more of us while giving us less.  There was a time when Verizon was happy to sign me up on an unlimited data plan, but now they treat me like I'm some kind of thief for using around 5Gigs a month.

It's like they have enough customers so they don't care if they lose some.  With these smaller providers, they have to compete against each other for those few customers, so that's why you see better prices.  Competition the way it's supposed to be.


My Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a pentaband phone  which means I can use it in just about any GSM network in the world.  So if I'm going to Mexico for a week, I can just get me a Mexican SIM and use my phone.  But I know most people don't care to be switching sims all the time.  However, think about the current job market, can we really afford to be signing 2 year contracts when we don't have a clue if we'll have a secure job next month?

Final Words:

I know that Prepaid isn't for everyone.  Some of us run businesses that require the full power of a network like Verizon.  But I do believe that prepaid services have come a LONG way, to the point where for most of us they would work just fine.

Javier Torres

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Google Voice and why you might need it!

Hello everyone!  Today I'd like to talk a little bit about Google Voice and how some of you just might need it.  So what is it?  Some new service from Google?  Nooooo, it's actually pretty old, but I'm still surprised by how little people know about it. 

So, again, what is it?  It's a phone forwarding service from Google!  Ok let me try to explain. 

Lets say you have a cell phone and a home phone and another cell phone.  Why another cell phone?  I don't know!  You are the one with two imaginary cell phones, don't ask me why you did it! 

Now, imagine that you are home watching TV and someone calls your Google Voice Number (yes you get a number).  You hear your cell phone ring but you also hear your other cell phone ring and you also hear your home phone ring.  You are home, so you decide to answer your home phone.  You answer and you hear a message saying "You've got a call from 'Milwaukee Journal', To answer Press 1, to send to voice mail Press 2".  You don't want to talk to the Milwaukee Journal people so you press 2 and send them to voice mail.  But you are still a little bit interested in what they have to say, so you stay on the line listening to them leave a voice mail.  If they say something that REALLY grabs your attention, you can press * and actually talk to the person.  

Lets say that someone called you and there is a part of the conversation you want to record.  Just press 4, a message is played letting both parties know the conversation is being recorded and then it records till you press 4 again. 

Don't want to be bothered at all from 10PM to 7AM?  You can tell it to not ring any of the phones.  

Want to send text messages from your computer?  You can do that, you can send them from your smartphone too, but sadly it doesn't do MMS, just SMS (no pictures).  

More importantly, some of you all change phone numbers way too often.  With Google Voice you get 1 phone number that stays with you no matter what service you have with whomever.  Right now I'm going to be switching from a contract phone to a prepaid phone (sick and tired of contracts, I'll be making a post about this soon) so I'll probably be going through a lot of different phone numbers,  but to my friends and family it'll simply be the Google Voice number.  They can call and text me there.  It's super simple to go online and add a new number for Google Voice to dial when someone calls your number.  

So if you are one of these people that are always getting a different phone number for whatever reason, do yourself and anyone who knows you a huge favor and just get a Google voice number! 

There is a bunch of other cool little things that can be done with Google voice.  Like if you answer your call on your cell phone but now you are home, you can press a button to have it dial your phones again so you can pick up your home phone and continue the call.  If you are on a call with someone and get another call it'll ask if you would like to do a conference call with both people.  You can easily block certain numbers so that when they call your number they just hear a disconnected tone.  You can set up different greetings for different numbers.  So you could be romantic and leave your special someone a lovely message just for her/him/it (you never know).  

There is just a ton of stuff you can do with this service, and it's 100% free.  so go on over to to get started!!

Javier Torres

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A letter to the world from an INTP

Hello, my name is Javier and as I've mentioned before, I'm an INTP.  I'm not going to go into the details of what is an INTP because I've done some of that before.  Suffice it to say that is is one of the16 personality traits in the MBTI system.  We are people that basically live in our heads.  We are known as "Thinkers" because our brain is constantly going.  Doesn't mean we are all smart, we think about a lot of just plain stupid things too.

I do want to explain some of the things I do so that hopefully people can understand me and those like me a little better.

You've probably seen me a lot of times and wondered "what the hell did I do to him??" because I probably didn't say hi or smile or anything.  Feelings are not our strongest point, most of the time we are too involved in what's going on in our heads that we don't even think of saying hi.  And when we do tend to say hi it's really just hi.  We are not chit chat people.  Do not take it personally, it's just the way we are.  We LOVE to talk about things that we find interesting and normally if you start talking to us we won't be rude, but the concept of talking for the hell of it is one that we usually do not understand.

If you are one of my close family members or friends you've probably wondered "Why doesn't this guy ever call me??".  Once again, we are always into something new so we get so fascinated about that thing that we lose track of time.  Add to that the fact that we don't like to talk for the hell of talking and we end up not contacting people very often.  When I talk to people I feel like I should have something of substance to say, saying "I did the same thing this week as last week" doesn't really go well with us.  We DO however appreciate it when people ask us how we are, even if our answer is a simple "ok".  We also understand the importance of keeping in touch with people, so if we REALLY care about someone (like family) we'll try to come out of our caves every now and then.

If you are a female and you hear from me often then I must really care about you.  I would not assume that I just want a friendship with you either.  However I probably will never tell you how I feel about you, not because of fear of you saying no, the concept of a woman saying no is very clear to us and we certainly can understand it, it's the idea that it may make the relationship feel weird to the point where it is destroyed that haunts us.  Also the fear that you may also feel the same way about us and then us not being able to provide you with what you deserve, which in our minds if we really like you will almost always be more than what we can provide.

If you are a guy and you hear from me often, I probably had too much to drink, ignore it.

If we've dated and I decided to end our relationship because of something you did, it most probably wasn't just something you did, I was probably too afraid of having to actually take the opinion of someone else into account when I make decisions.  I keep saying that if my workplace wanted to send me to some other country to work, I'd want to just take that chance, I wouldn't want to have to deal with the complications of having a significant other to talk about it with.  At the same time, I keep hoping I will one day meet the woman who makes me not care if I have to talk to her about it.

I am an introvert, but this does not mean shy, it means dealing with people, specially feelings, drains my energy really fast.  It doesn't mean I'm antisocial either.  When my energy is full I absolutely HAVE to get out of the house and do something.  If I'm invited to a party I'll go gladly.  Problem is that during the day my energy level will drop and if I have to deal with very emotional type people or stupid people it will drop faster.  Once my energy level is down I become an asshole.  I don't want to deal with anyone and everything bothers me.

I'm not bored or awkward in social situations, I'm just different.  When I'm in a social situation 95% of the time I'm sitting back and enjoying something.  If there is a conversation going on I'll probably just sit back and listen.  I actually enjoy doing this but most people think "He's not talking, he must be bored".  Just because I don't feel I have anything of importance to add to the conversation doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching friends talk.

One of the strongest points of an INTP is Intuition, which means our brain is always gathering information and processing it.  So we tend to be quite scatterbrained.  We forget things all the time and we jump from one thing to the other very quickly.  But every now and then our brain gets stuck on one idea.  A lot of times we could be having a conversation and you may be talking and all of a sudden my brained latched on to something you said and even though you continued talking my brain is stuck on this other thing, analyzing every aspect of it.  If it's a problem then I'm trying to find 100 different solutions and thinking of which one works better for you.  Next thing I know you are still talking and I have no idea what you are talking about anymore.  So for this. . .. I apologize.

Because of our intuition always jumping from one thing to the next we tend to start a lot of things but not finish them.  We are known for our procrastination.  Our brain is a lot more about how to do things than about doing them.  If I need to fix something and I know exactly what I need to do to fix it, chances are I wont do it because I'm happy with knowing that I could fix it if I tried.  We also tend to learn quite a bit more than the average person about a LOT of things, but we hardly ever learn so much about it that we would be considered experts.  Usually if something grabs our interest, we'll learn and learn about it till we feel we know enough, then we lose interest.

Even though our feeling side is not the strongest,  we do have them.  We tend to care a lot about our friends and family.  We may not talk to them often but when they need us we are there for them.  We usually care a lot more about their happiness than ours.  We will give them our last bit of food if they needed it or sometimes simply wanted it.

You will mostly find us online.  Typing emails or whatever is a lot more like the inside of our brain.  We are always thinking of the best way to say something, so being able to edit whatever we write before it goes out is a huge thing for us.  You'll notice that whenever I write here it is a lot more than what you've probably ever heard me say.  Some people say that when we have to edit everything we say we are not being ourselves.  I happen to think that saying whatever comes to our minds without thinking of consequences or how people may receive it would be us not being ourselves.  We are Analysts by nature.

We usually analyze both sides of just about any argument and we are very good at seeing both good and bad sides.  For this reason we tend to be very split in how we feel about a lot of things.  This also allows us to be great at arguing just about any side of any subject we care about.

There is a lot more I could say about us, but I've already typed so much.  If you take anything from this let it be this, do not be afraid of us, we don't hate you, we usually don't hate anyone really, so feel free to say hi if you'd like because we'll always be up for making a new friend.