Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why I dislike Apple

So a lot of people think I hate Apple and the fact that a lot of times I've said "I hate apple" probably has something to do with it.  But the truth is I don't HATE them, I just really dislike some of the things they do, while at the same time knowing that they have every right to run their business however they want.

But, a lot of times people want to know why I feel about them the way I do so I figured I'd make a post about it, so that in the future I can just copy and paste.

The dislike really started back in the Personal Computer world.  Apple computers were always so expensive and I just couldn't understand why people wanted to buy them when they could buy a much cheaper much better PC.  Better in my opinion anyway.  A lot of people were always under the belief that if you want to do work in things like Photoshop or video editing then getting an Apple computer was a must and that's simply just not true, Photoshop works perfectly fine in Windows and there are many very good video editing programs out there. 

A lot of times I'd hear talk about how when you get a computer with Mac OS you get so many things for free like Garage Band and iPhoto and a video editing program.  But when you are paying hundreds of dollars more for the computer, it's not exactly free. 

My biggest issue with Apple came with the smartphone and tablet world. 

Imagine you buy a new computer.  You paid good money for that computer, but now the company you bought it from is telling you that you can only install programs that they approve of and you can only buy them in their store.  So if you find something that's interesting outside of their store, too bad, you can't have it. 

This is the case of the iPhone.  I used to have an iPhone and I hated the idea that I could not load anything outside of the App Store.  True there are ways around that and I sure as hell did it, but normal users shouldn't have to go doing all that. 

Then there is all the bullshit that comes with Apple, here are a couple of examples:

Example 1: When I had my iPhone 3G I could take pictures but I could not record video.  But later I did jailbreak the phone and found out that the phone could certainly handle video.  Apple just wouldn't allow that application in their market because they felt it didn't work good enough.  I didn't care if it didn't work 100%, it still allowed me to take some pretty good videos. 

Then when the iPhone 3GS came out, they advertised the crap out of the fact that it could do video.  And I had to listen to all these people talk about how great this new phone because now you could record video.  And yes, it recorded video better than the 3G did but again using it on the 3G should have been my choice. 

Example 2: Good old Flash.  Steve Jobs didn't like flash content on websites, therefore you couldn't use Flash at all on the iPhone, still can't.  Steve felt that HTML5 would be replacing flash.  And he was right, HTML 5 will indeed replace Flash as the standard people use for videos and other things online, but at the time flash was still the most used method.  It still is today, it will be dead in a few years but it is still very widely used. 

Now, I'll agree with Steve on the fact that flash uses too many resources and would just slow down the phone.  It's true, my Android phones have been able to do flash and it always slows them down.  Now they are fast enough that they can play most of it fine but it used to be slow.  But at least I had the option of using flash on a website if I wanted. 

Example 3: Siri, yes, Siri. This is nothing but just another App, a pretty cool one if I may say so myself, but they make it seem like phones could never do any of this stuff before, Android has been doing voice commands for ever, but I'll admit that Androids voice command don't come close to what Siri can do, yet.  However, that's not my point here, my point is the fact that Siri can work on previous generation phones just fine.  We've seen siri run on an iPhone 4 and we've seen it run on an iPod Touch 4th generation and I do believe I've seen it run on older stuff.  However up until recently Apple had been blocking these hacked versions of Siri from using their servers.  They finally recently opened up their servers, although we still don't know if that was just a mistake. 

Point is, they have made it look like Siri could only be powered by the iPhone 4S (Even though the iPad 2 is more powerful) when it could run on older hardware just fine if they wanted to allow it.  It's not even an issue of it being too  much work to let it happen, it's an issue of they just plain don't want other people using the service.  Like their old customers are not worthy of using their new thing. 

Basically: To put it in very basic terms, in my opinion, Apple treats their customers like dumb idiots who MUST be protected because their are too stupid to figure things out on their own.  Like their customers just bother them.  Lets not let them use their cameras to record because they are  just going to complain about it being laggy under low lights, lets not let them use flash because they are just going to complain that it's running slow, lets not let them use siri because otherwise who's going to buy our new phone?

And you know what?  This is both good and bad.  Obviously when you make sure that you only put things that work good on your phone, then things will mostly work good on your phone.  It provides a good experience for the user and that's a great thing.  But in return there is so much that people are giving up on.  The iPhone has an amazing little screen, something like a live wallpaper would look amazing there.  Having an App Tray and being able to organize all your icons however you want shouldn't be so difficult to do, but they just don't do it. 

Some of us are fine with just being able to do a few things.  But obviously a lot of us feel like if we paid for the phone then let me just do whatever the hell I want to do with it.  Give me the options. 

This is why I like Android, even though carriers and Phone makers keep trying to mess it up.  Android is supposed to be open, a do whatever you want kind of thing.  But the carriers and phone makers always want to impose their own regulations, which I dislike as well.  But at least I still get to do a lot more than I ever could on an iPhone. 

For the most part:

If I want to switch the battery I use, I can do that.
If I want to switch the desktop (Launcher) that I use, I can do that.
If I want to copy files directly from a computer to the device, I can do that.
If I want to change the keyboard I use on the device, I can do that.
If I want to view flash content, I can do that.
If I want to try out a file from a website that may or may not be safe, I can do that.
If I want to install a different application store, I can do that.
If I want to have different SD cards for different things. . . . well I used to be able to do that, my new phone doesn't have an SD card :( 
If I want to drain my battery by downloading stuff on a blazing fast internet connection like 4G, I can do that.
If I want to set a live wallpaper that may also drain my battery if it's made wrong, I can do that.
If I want to have cheap micro usb cables all over the place so that i can always keep it charging, I can do that.
If I want to get turn by turn directions on how to get somewhere, I can do that.
If I want to organize the files in the device, I can do that.
If I want to download things right in the device and move them later to my computer, I can do that.
If I want to completely change the lock screen of my phone, I can do that.
If I want to be dumb enough to use a pattern to unlock my phone, I can do that (seriously though, don't do that, smudges on your screen give your pattern away). 
If I want to switch my Images application or camera or text messaging or so many others, I can do that.
If I want to browse the files in my phone from my phone, I can do that.

Basically, if I want to modify just about anything on my device I can do it.  But I can also completely screw up my device, although to completely screw it up, you'd have to actually try to be screwing it up or be very very dumb installing things from places that don't look legit at all.  But if that's the case then you probably mess up plenty of computers as well.  

I've recommended Apple products to plenty of people for plenty of things.  If you know exactly what you want to do and an iPhone or iPad can certainly handle those needs, then I have no problem recommending those.  And there are certainly people that ask me what I think they should get and if I know these are not computer savvy people at all, then I'll gladly recommend an iPhone or iPad.  What I really hate is when I see very smart people buying those simply because they are not aware of just how far Android has come. 

Of course there is always very tech capable people out there that prefer an iPhone or iPad, again, this becomes a personal preference and I'm cool with that, at least they know of the options.