Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Phone should I buy?

Ok, I just made a post about why I don't like Apple.  But that's not really the post I wanted to make today, I mostly really wanted it there as a reference for later when people ask me,  but hey if any of you find it a good read then that's good. 

I just finished reading a post in one of my favorite Tech Blogs about what phone people should get, I thought it was going to be a nice informative post but turned out to be crap.  The guy basically says he recommends people the iPhone because there is a chance of having less questions with it. 

So I figured I'd make a post with my own views since Christmas is almost here and some of you probably still want to get new phones.  I will say this however, all my experience is with iOS and Android, I don't know anything about the Windows phones other than the fact that being called "Windows" is probably hurting them. I'm also not that familiar with Blackberry phones.  But the right phone for you may very well be a Windows phone or a blackberry.

That's actually the first thing you need to understand, there is Apple with iOS, there is Google with Android, there is Research in Motion (RIM) and Blackberry OS and there is Microsoft with Windows Phones.  Windows Phone is just the name of their mobile operating system, it is NOT phones running the windows you see on your desktop.  There is others but I'm not going to sit here and mention all the others because honestly they don't matter right now.

Apple makes the iPhone which is the only phone using iOS. 
Research in Motion makes the Blackberry phones and they are the only ones running the Blackberry OS.
There is a lot of manufacturers making either Android or Windows phones. 

So right away we need to understand that if I make the phone and the software, then everything is going to work better because I had full control.  If I just make the software but others make the phones, then things might get more difficult.  That's certainly the problem with Android, too many phones out there running it so it can be more problematic.

So once again, which one is the right phone for you?

If you are the kind of person who just wants to make phone calls and nothing else, then by all means stay away from any smart phones.  I have yet to see a smart phone that worked for making phone calls as good as the old flip phones.  Seriously, too many times the touch screen opens up and you start clicking on things with your cheeks.  Also during the winter unless you have special gloves you wont be able to do much with your phone using regular gloves.  So I'd save myself the frustration and just get a regular flip phone or something like it.

If you are the kind of person who wants to make phone calls but wants to do the occasional web browsing maybe to check on your teams scores.  Or you want to be able to play some games while you wait for something, or you are a big iTunes fan but you are just not that much into technology and you don't care to do anything out of the ordinary with your phone, then by all means get an iPhone. 

If you are the kind of person who is really into music and really into games and is not afraid to do anything with the word "hack" in it, then I still recommend an iPhone.  Android has come a long way with games but I still think the iPhone has the best games. 

If you are the kind of person who just loves to push your limits, you love to learn more about how things work, you like to web browse a lot and you like to completely customize your phone, you like having a lot of options for whatever you are going to do, then Android would certainly be good for you. 

If you are the kind of person who is always on the go and needs to be able to do a lot more from your phone, then Android may also be the best thing for you.  With services like Google Voice being so integrated with Android and having the ability to so easily access files it's easy to kind of run your little office from the phone. 

If all you want is your work Email on your phone, then by all means I'd say go with Iphone again.  I would have said Blackberry but honestly there is nothing I can think of that blackberry would be better for.  I should mention that Android also does handle Enterprise email just fine, but if that's all you want then why bother with any of the other Android issues? 

So there you have it.  Think about what you want and then if an iPhone can satisfy all those needs then I certainly would recommend one.  However, I always have to strongly recommend you check out what an Android phone can use, because too many times I see people who got an iPhone because it was great for them but then later on realized Android did things they never even though about, but now that they know about them, they seriously want them. 

As much as people HATE hearing this, because they usually want a simple answer, my best recommendation is go to store with someone who is familiar with phones and try out the phones, see which one you like best.  But make a list of what you MUST be able to do first. 


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