Thursday, December 8, 2011

Android Apps for 10 Cents!

This Week Google's Android Market passed the 10 BILLION Downloads mark, and to celebrate Google has been having quite the deal!

For 10 days (which already started on Tuesday) they would sell 10 paid apps for only 10 cents each.

On Day 1 they had some very good apps like Swift keyboard X which is my personal favorite keyboard App.  They also had the Sound hound program which is amazing and finding the music you are listening to for all those times you know a song but can't remember who sings it.  The Mine craft game and a few other games were also in there.

On Day 2 they had Beautiful Widgets which basically has a lot of very good useful weather and clock widgets. Also has some very nice toggle widgets to change things like sound or WiFi or Bluetooth.  They had Airsync which is an application that allows you to sync your iTunes library with your Android phone via WiFi.  They had games like Fruit Ninja and NFL Rivals and even a very neat and beautiful Christmas Live Wallpaper!

Today on Day 3 they have the ADW Launcher EX  which is a very good Launcher Replacement for phones or tablets and they also have a bunch of games.  Tetris, Can Knockdown 2, Reckless Getaway, Space Physics and more.

Most of these are applications that normally sell for a lot more than 10 cents.  I've already purchased a lot of these but I'm taking advantage of getting all the ones that I haven't.  Remember also that even if you don't need a specific program now, once you buy it, it's yours for good so paying 10 cents for it now may be better than paying who knows how much for it later.

I do have to mention the fact that the Amazon App Store does give away 1 paid app for free every day all year.  And while usually whatever they give out for free tends to be crap, every once in a while you get something really good.  I am pretty sure that most of these apps, if not all, have at some point been the free app of the day at Amazon.  So even if you can't enjoy these deals  now, you should still install the Amazon App Store for Android on your phone and check it daily.

I will try to keep you all updated on the deal for the next 7 days :)


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