Monday, November 28, 2011

STUFF: Thanksgiving Weekend


Thanksgiving day came and went and I have to say I had a great thanksgiving weekend.  There was lot of great food and there was lots of friends and family time.  I am specially thankful for that last one, my family and friends are just the best out there.

One of the things I found funny is how packed all the stores parking lots were around here when I was coming back from my sisters Thursday night/Friday morning.  I know it happens every year but it just seems like each year it gets crazier.  On black Friday I did stop by Best Buy at around noon after a nice ihop breakfast just to see if there was anything left.  Honestly I was hoping they still had some of those $200 Blackberry playbook tablets.  I had been wanting a 7 inch tablet for a while because sometimes my 10 inch tablet is too big.  But I wasn't totally convinced on the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Don't get me wrong, for $200 it's a nice price, but it's really more for people who aren't familiar with Android OS or iOS.  I already come expecting certain things from a tablet and the fact that this one is only $200 doesn't seem to blind me from the other things that I wish it had no matter how unrealistic my expectations may be.  But a Blackberry Playbook for $200 would have been nice.

Well, surely enough there were no Blackberry Playbooks left,  however, while looking for a playbook, I saw something that caught my attention.  They had a bunch of Asus A100 tablets for $190!  These are 7 inch Android Honeycomb tablets that are in my opinion much better than even a Playbook.  So I was very happy to get a hold of one!  I've been using it probably more than my 10 inch.

Another thing that I got to do this weekend was play the Super Metroid game with my friends Luis, Victor and Elijah.  Now, I'm not saying we played the game on an emulator, noooo, I had purchased a Japanese Super Famicon version of the game (because a Super Nintendo version costs too much in good condition).  So I modified one of my spare Super Nintendo consoles so that it could play the game (really it's just cutting two things), and we played the original game on the original console.  We spent a good chunk of Friday night playing and a bunch of time on Saturday.  In total we finally beat the game in 7 hours.  Of course not in a row, we took breaks.  We took a moment to enjoy some good food at the Tilted Kilt. . . yea. . . the food. .. .

On Sunday I got to enjoy another Thanksgiving dinner at my sisters house, a smaller one this time because we wanted to do something with my brother in law whom was unable to join us on Thursday.  It was just a very good weekend and I just wanted to share some of it with you all.



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