Thursday, November 3, 2011

STUFF: Do we think for ourselves?

It's time for another one of my little rants here.  Today I want to talk a bit about how much I dislike the 24 hour news stations that we have now a days.  You know, the people who are constantly telling us what to think about what.  They tell us what is "cool" to think about also.

The Biography of Steve Jobs is now the number 1 selling book.  Now, don't get me wrong, Steve Jobs was certainly an interesting character and all, but do all the people who buy this book really care?  Or are they buying the book because that's what the media has been talking about?  Is Steve Jobs even the person we should be trying to learn more about?  The man cared about his company and making money, that was his whole world.  He worked there till he could no longer work.  Meanwhile you have people like Bill Gates out there who decided to leave his company and start spending Billions of his dollars helping his wife try to solve world problems.  Bringing much needed medicines to poor countries, hospitals, education.  The things that Bill and Melinda are doing for the world are amazing and extremely needed, but no one cares, no, lets focus on the guy who said he'd spend all 40 Billion dollars in Apples arsenal in trying to fix the wrong that Google did to them by "Stealing" their ideas.

Now we also have the Herman Cain thing.  I don't really care if he had to settle a sexual harassment allegation in the 90s.  Hell I wouldn't care if he had to do it last year.  I mean seriously, we all do stupid things at different points of our lives.  If you look deep enough you'll find something bad about anyone.  Also I've seen plenty of people get away with large settlements for things they didn't really have much of a case on but they lied good enough.  Point is, I don't care about this, but I've had to hear about it over and over and over for way too long already.

Then there is the Kardashian thing, I mean, seriously, who cares.  I don't care about her.  I don't care to know if Michael Jackson killed himself or not either.  These are all things that really are not in any way shape or form important to me.

I want to hear more about things that do matter.  Like the stupid things politicians say and do that we hardly hear about.  And I'm not talking about tweeting a picture of their penis to anyone, I don't care what they do in their private time, I'm talking about dumb decisions they make in their jobs.  I want to know about why certain laws pass and why others never make it.  I want to know more about just how much profit companies make from the stuff we buy.

Why is it that lately if you want real news you have to look for bloggers online rather than the big news networks?

Remember people, don't allow the 24 hours news stations tell you what you should be thinking about, reading about, watching.  I don't care what color, religion, class you are or what political views you have, you should always remember to think of something because you want to.


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  1. That's what happens when people live sheltered lives far away from the real world problems.