Sunday, November 6, 2011

Religious Arguments

Ok, normally I make very long posts and Religion is one thing I actually do like to talk about.  So get ready, here I go.

Religious Arguments are Stupid, so quit fighting with people about them.

Ok that's all I have to say about that one.  Ok I'll elaborate a little just to make the click worth it.

I have my beliefs that I feel very strongly about.  You probably have your beliefs that you probably feel very strongly about.  They may not match on everything or anything.  Nothing makes my belief better than yours.  Nothing guarantees me 100% that what I believe is true.  That's why it's called a belief, because you just believe in it.  When God himself shows up to the whole world and makes it very clear that he is God and he tells us things himself, then we can go and call those things facts.

So have your believes, it's great to believe in something, even if your belief is that you don't believe in anything.  But quit trying to force everyone to have the same belief as you.  I'm not saying don't preach and don't have debates.  Debates are fun if both parties can remain civilized.  And when preaching, it would be really helpful to learn the difference between saying "If you do this you'll go to hell" and "It is my belief that if you do this you will go to hell".


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  1. At the end God wouldn't be God without us. After all, and without believers, it will just remain a spirit, or an abstract idea if you'd prefer.