Monday, October 24, 2011

STUFF: Modjeska and Genesee Theaters

I wanted to make a post today but I didn't have anything special I wanted to talk about, so I figured I'd just kind of just say hi.

I could talk about how Microsoft will now be making some $$ out of most Android phone sales and how they'll probably end up making more money out of Android than they do out of their Windows Mobile OS, but that's just too much business crap to talk about.

I can tell you about the awesome Concert I went to yesterday. I headed over to the Genesee Theater in Waukegan, IL to go watch Tenth Avenue North and Third Day (Christian Rock Groups). It was a ton of fun. Thank You again to my friend Geovanni who came up with the plan and made it possible for a few of us to go. Both of these groups are really amazing.

I wasn't just excited about the groups though, I was actually also excited about the Genesee Theater. I had been wanting to go there for so long and I never had a chance. So it was really nice to finally get the chance to do that.

There is a Theater in Milwaukee called the Modjeska Theater. It's in what is now known as Historical Mitchell Street. This Theater was constructed in the 1920s and for many years it was THE place to go to. In 1989 when I arrived to Milwaukee it was DEAD. In the 90s they tried to turn it into a movie theater. This is where I first was able to go inside this beauty and I just fell in love. I thought it was beautiful. However it really wasn't that great as a movie theater. I recall going to watch Mortal Kombat in there once. The movie stopped about 3 times. Movies were always super late also. So the whole movie theater idea didn't last very long. It just went back to being closed.

Today the theater is still there, but it's still very abandoned. It does get some use, I do believe they bring a lot of high school plays there, but that's about it.

When I first came to Waukegan in 1998, I saw the Genesee theater and it reminded me so much of the Modjeska that I liked so much. Just from the outside, they looked very similar to me. I did some research and noticed that the Genesee was also made in the 1920s.

However, the Genesee was much luckier! 23 Million dollars went into renovating this theater. In 2004 it opened its doors again to a very sold out Bill Cosby show. Ever since then, I always wanted to go in there, just never really got the chance to. Whenever I'd find someone that was coming in, it was too late. The Genesee was able to become what so many times I wished the Modjeska would become.

I'm going to keep on hoping something gets done with the Modjeska, until then, I know now that I certainly want to go to many more shows at the Genesee!


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