Monday, October 31, 2011


There are certain things in this world that everyone has in common in one way or the other. I think love for music is one of them.  We may not all like the same type of music, but I do think that in some way or another we all like some sort of music.  

I'm in no way shape or matter a musician, but I do like a little bit of everything.  And sometimes I wish this wasn't the case because keeping a music collection organized is hell when you want to have some of EVERYTHING in there.  The fact that I listen to music in English, Spanish and Japanese (even if I don't understand what they are saying) doesn't help.  

This is where music services like Spotify are actually a great thing for me.  For $10 dollars a month I can stream all the music I want from their huge music library.  Now this means that I'll be using up my data plan in order to stream the music from the "cloud".  However I can create a bunch of playlists and if I ever want to keep a certain playlist in my mobile device, I can set it up as available offline.  Which means it will download the songs so that I may play them all I want without having to use my data service.  So, before a trip to Mexico, I can download a bunch of play lists so that I know I'll have plenty of stuff to listen to.  

I can also set up to 3 different mobile devices to one account.  So I could listen to music on my Thunderbolt phone or my ipod Touch or my Xoom.  Or if you were married you could set up your device and your spouses under the same account.  

I've been playing with the PC Application as well as the Android application and the iOS application and I must say that these are all very well made.  They all run very smoothly and playing the music starts very fast on all of them.  Spotify is certainly not the only music rental service and for a lot of people it is not the best, but personally I have found their applications to work better than anything else I've tried.  

Another thing I like is how I can set up a playlist to download only to a specific device.  So if I have PlaylistA set up to download on my Thunderbolt but I'm using Spotify on my iPod Touch the same PlaylistA will not be downloaded into my iPod Touch. However, if on my iPod Touch I add a song to PlaylistA, it will automatically start downloading to my Thunderbolt as soon as I run the Application. 

Another feature I like is on the desktop.  It will look at all the music files you have in your computer and if it recognizes the album as something it has in it's library, it will allow you to add it to any of your playlists.  So lets say I have a song in my computer and that same album is in the spotify library, it will allow me to add that song to my PlaylistA and it will automatically download that song into my Thunderbolt.  No need for me to connect anything.  

Now, if I have a song in my computer that the program doesn't recognize, it will still allow me to add it to any playlists, but I will need to connect that device to the same network as the computer in order for it to move the files to the device.  However the wireless syncing that this application offers is the simplest to use I've ever used.  Simply connect the device to the same network and open the application on both the computer and the device. 

Of course, this is music rental, so if you ever decide to stop paying for it, you will lose whatever music you downloaded (Max of 3,333 songs is what you can download).  The $10 a month service isn't the only one either.  There is a Free service which allows you to stream music over your PC only.  But very much like Pandora you will get advertisements.  There is also a $5 a month service which is basically the same as the free but without the ads.  

Spotify isn't perfect, I've found some albums that I was very surprised to find, but I've also not found others that I was also very surprised to not find.  It is also lacking a music discovery service like Pandora.  But Pandora is free so I just keep that app in my phone as well.  

Personally I think that if you are like me, where your music taste just changes week after week, then this service is certainly worth the $10 a month.  Yea you could download plenty of songs in other ways for free if you wanted to, and I certainly used to, but now, it's just easier to just pay the $10 a month and not have to deal with it.  

For those of you who are already thinking 'Dude I can't afford $10 a month", think again.  I'm sure you will notice that you spend $10 on much worse things.  Why is it that we feel spending $10 a month on something that will entertain us all we want all month is so horrible but spending $5 on that Mc Donalds breakfast and another $5 on that Starbucks coffee that lasted a few minutes seems so ok?  


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