Sunday, October 9, 2011

RIP Anarchy Live Forums

I didn't make a big deal out of this and I highly doubt there is anyone out there left that would care, but today I officially killed Anarchy Life Forums. There had been no real activity in it in for ever and I certainly didn't post in it anymore.

Part of me really wanted to wait until 2013 in order to at least get 10 years of it, but really keeping a empty forum for years doesn't really mean it was there.

I will say that running Anarchy Live Forums was an amazing experience for me. There were a lot of really good times and a lot of really bad choices in my part.

Most importantly I got the chance to meet some really amazing people from all over the world. People like Ryder who eventually became my co-worker and roommate. People like Tynvar who has always been there showing his support and also always been such a good friend. People like the crazy Estonian crew we had for a while. White Knight will always be the first one for me lol and Random Hero will always be the last. People like XXLEnigma who loved terrorizing Gamecop. All the people from the Matrix who shared our forum for a while. Hexter and Superman who loved showing up every now and then and who also helped keep AL legal. And who could possibly forget someone like DPSX.

Thanks to all the social networking sites it became just down right impossible to keep up a forum that wasn't about anything specific. But all these great memories of so many great people I will treasure for ever.

The Anarchy Live name of course continues on in the form of a Blog as it has been doing in the past months. I did go ahead and move from a hosted Wordpress blog to a Blogger account. This is done because I don't really post very often and when I do it's nothing very complex, so there really is no reason for me to be dealing with the trouble of hosting the site and trying to keep it updated.

So, good bye forums and I hope I can get to make a lot more new memories with the Blog and whatever else comes up in the future :)



  1. Oh well it had to end. What's the new address for the blog?

  2. Dang, I've seen it down for a few days and never knew there was a post about it. Oh well.

  3. I just noticed it had gone when I tried to access it.I guess it was only a matter of time due to the lack of members frequenting the place. It was a nice place to hang out though back in the day.

    Take care


  4. Just saw this and wanted to post back up, this is elfy aka elfboy382
    White Knight and i lost contact in person and i wish i had stuck around but life came calling.-