Friday, October 21, 2011

My Next Phone! The Galaxy Nexus

Well this may or may not end up being my next phone. There is still no release date or price for it so that could certainly change. But earlier this week, this beauty of a phone was unveiled.

For those of you not familiar with the Nexus brand let me explain it a little bit.

Apple makes the iPhone. Apple also makes the Operating System that runs the iPhone, called "iOS".

Google doesn't make phones. But they do make an Operating System called "Android". This operating system is basically free to be used.

Companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola, they all make Phones, but making a good operating system is very difficult. None of these companies can use the iOS operating system because it belongs to Apple and Apple alone. But here comes Google offering an operating system that's just as good if not better for free and they all jump in.

So Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola and many others decide to start making phones and putting the Android operating system that Google created into them. However, all these companies want to make their phones look like their phones. So they all take Android and modify it by changing how a lot of it looks and also changing a lot of the applications. They also tend to name their modifications. For example, HTC calls their modified system "SENSE", while Motorola calls it "MOTOBLUR" and Samsung I believe calls theirs "TOUCHWIZ" or something like that.

Google must have felt that there was a need out there to have a phone that was Pure Android the way they originally made it. And thus the idea of "Nexus" came up.

Google went over to HTC and basically asked them to make a phone for them. Gave them all the specifications of the phone and HTC made it. It was called the Nexus. This phone was pure Android. It was released in January 2010.

The beauty of this Phone was that it would always be getting the Google updates before anyone else. Most cell manufacturers take for ever to implement Google updates on their phones.

In December 2010 a new Nexus was released. This time made by Samsung. It was called the Nexus S.

Now the 3rd Nexus arrives. The Galaxy Nexus. Also made by Samsung.

This last phone comes to us with some very good specs. Like a Dual core 1.2Ghz processor and 1GB of Ram. Also a beautiful sharp 1280X720 Resolution screen. I will not get too much into the details because as I keep saying, the idea of this blog is to keep things very simple.

This phone also comes with the Newest version of Android, version 4.0 which is also known as "Ice Cream Sandwich". I will have to make a separate post just about this version of Android.

But basically this phone runs very smoothly, Android 4.0 is the first android version enhanced to work with Dual Core processors. Like I said the screen is beautiful. It has a 5MP Camera, which I know, sounds a bit old but remember, MP means nothing, it's more about the quality of the sensor.

It does shoot 1080P video. When taking pictures it has 0 shutter lag, so you can take one picture right after another one without having to wait really. It has a NFC chip so that you can easily transfer data from one phone to another or in the future make payments using your phone.

It does come with a front facing camera for video chat, and a decent size capacity battery. It will be available in a 16 Gig version or a 32 Gig version. This is where normally I'd say it doesn't matter because you will be able to expand using the micro SD card anyway, but this one doesn't seem to have one, which I find odd because every android phone I've ever seen has one. It does not come with HDMI out either, which I found a bit disappointing. However I have HDMI out on my Motorola Xoom Tablet and I've only used it once, and that was to test that it worked. I can't see myself really using it.

Well, just wanted to share about what I hope will be my next phone and I also wanted to give you all a little bit of history about what Nexus means to Android fans :)


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