Saturday, October 22, 2011

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

Ok since I moved my blog from a account to a blogger account and I didn't bother importing any of my older posts, I feel I should explain real quick what I mean when I review a movie.

I'm not a professional reviewer, I watch a movie and if I feel like it I'll come and talk about it here and basically just tell you what I honestly felt about the movie. Instead of stars, I normally give out STUFF awards . I also rate from 1 to 5.

Paranormal Activity 3

I went in to watch Paranormal Activity 3 without much expectations. I had seen only half of a trailer once and that was it. I knew it would be a prequel to the other two, but other than that I had no idea what the story would be about.

One thing you realize in the movie real quick is that in this family we have 4 main characters. A husband, a wife and 2 daughters. These two daughters are the young versions of the Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2 movies. So right away you know nothing horrendous can happen to them because obviously they are alive later. This is one of the things I hate about prequels, kind of kills the excitement of knowing if someone will live or die.

While watching this movie I found myself surprised a lot at the lack of anything going on. There were certainly a lot of parts where I figured something would happen, only to find out that nothing happened. I would say that during 2/3 of the movie, nothing really happens. Yes we see something like a few lights go on and off on their own and a door open and close and even a kid talking to someone that's not visible, but certainly nothing of any substance.

Even though they surprised me by not doing something "Spooky" at a lot of times when I expected it, they still didn't surprise me when I didn't expect it. Everything still happened at very expected moments. All the usual scenes this movie is known for. The doors slamming, the ceiling falling, the spooky person standing there for hours, the outside scene (yes there always has to be a spooky outside scene).

Finally towards the end we start seeing some action, but it all happens really fast and not a whole lot of it is explained. There was no real drama between any of the characters. For a little bit the husband wanted the wife to see the proof that something was wrong but she would refuse until she has 1 scare and all of a sudden it's lets go time.

I was very disappointed by the lack of anything going on through most of this movie. I was also disappointed by the lack of explaining the origin of this curse. I was disappointed by the lack of new effects. I was disappointed by the lack of any real exploration as to what is actually haunting the home. I was also very disappointed that there was no merging between the end of this movie and the events of the first two. I really liked how they did that with Part 2.

With all that said, I did not HATE watching it. I don't expect much from Horror films anyway. I think this kind of movie is still fun to watch and normally even with it's flaws I would have given it a 3. But seeing how it almost feels like they didn't even bother trying, I can't do that. So I am giving this movie a 2.


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