Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lytro Light Field Cameras

As many of you should know by know, photography is a big hobby of mine. I've known about the concept of Light Field Cameras for a while but I really didn't think that such products would be around anytime soon or that they would be at a rather affordable price.

Now I understand a lot of you are probably wondering, What is this guy talking about?

I'm not going to try and explain all the technology that goes into this because, well this isn't that kind of blog and I certainly don't know all the technology that goes into this. But here is the main idea.

A lot of times we take a picture of what is supposed to be a very special moment only to find out that we messed up on the focusing and our picture came out of focus. We can try to convince ourselves that the out of focus style kind of makes the picture look more special but we all know in reality we are just pissed at the fact that our picture is out of focus.

Other times, we want to take a quick picture of something but our camera can't seem to be able to figure out where it wants to focus, so it keeps focusing in and out and by the time our picture is taken the special moment is way gone.

Well, what these Light Field Cameras do is they take up light from basically all parts of the picture. It captures a huge amount of light. It then processes all the information from all parts of the picture. Meaning the camera doesn't actually focus, it basically takes pictures of all possible focus points. Later on you can click on any part of the picture and it'll focus it for you.

This means that when you need to take a picture, it takes the picture real quick because there is no focusing required.

These cameras start at $399 for a 8GB version and $499 for a 16GB version.

But really I can't explain this enough myself I'd go on over to their site and play a little with the gallery.


  1. Thanks for the post. I had never heard of these cameras.

  2. You might certainly enjoy something like this. There are so many of your pictures where I wish I could look at all different areas lol.

    I do believe you'll also be able to make it where all points are focused. Certainly a nice concept, but $400 nice? I don't know.