Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple releases iTunes 10.5

As it normally happens before an OS update, Apple has released iTunes 10.5 into the wild. Normally I wouldn't bother telling anyone about a new iTunes, if you've seen one you've mostly seen them all. That is until now. Version 10.5 comes with some changes but there is a few that I'm more excited about.

First there is the PC Freedom. This wont happen until you update your device to iOS 5 (which should come out on October 12th) but the idea here is that you'll be able to sync your iTunes library to your device without ever having to plug in the phone to the computer. It'll be done through Wi-Fi.

This brings me to my next point, the ability to re-download previously purchased music. For way too long iTunes has had this idea that if you buy a CD at a store and you lose it then you have to buy it again, so why not do the same at their store? Well, that has now changed because from now on you'll be able to re-download previously purchased music, TV Shows, apps and books. About time in my opinion. I must say though, it was fun going into my purchases and seeing all the stuff I've bought that I've forgotten about.

iTunes Match would be my next point. Although this isn't functioning just yet, it should be soon. This is the only cloud service that Apple is charging for, but basically it looks at your music playlist and if it has the same album that you have, it'll add it to your cloud automatically so that you can listen to it on your iPhone on the go. So lets say you have 1,000 songs, you probably don't want to carry all of them on your iPhone, so just carry the ones you want and stream the rest.

The iTunes Match service will cost about $25 per year. Both Google and Amazon have similar services, but I'm pretty sure most people will want to keep using iTunes as their music service of choice.

Finally with iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5 all your Apple devices will happily play together. If you download an app in your iPhone it will also download on your iPad and your Mac computer. Same goes with Calendars and contacts and so many other things.

A lot of people feel that a lot of these are features that Android users have had for a while now. And I agree to a point, but it's ok because we Android fans do need Apple around so Google never becomes too comfortable. And better things for our iOS brothers and sisters is always good.


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